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Nightmare Fuel / Green Lantern: First Flight

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No one said being a Green Lantern would be easy
Compared to traditional Justice League fare, the film is a notably darker take on the Green Lantern Mythos, featuring massive amounts of on-screen death.
  • The manner of deaths and injuries presented in the film are pretty disturbing including neck snapping, perforation and incineration from laser beams, incineration in a wormhole, massive numbers of people falling to their death, multiple impalement, mangled hands, asphyxiation, being sliced in half, and explosive decompression.
  • Hal having to place his ring into the Green Lantern Main Battery is described and shown as especially painful. Sinestro quips that the last recruit who did so literally fried his antennae off.
  • Kanjar Ro's henchman getting sucked into space by a hole smaller than his waist, screaming all the way.
  • Sinestro. He's presented as being Alonzo Harris from Training Day with a Green Lantern Ring and is depicted as a consummate and disturbingly callous sociopath who will gladly charm his way into the Guardian's graces as their most decorated Lantern while undermining them and gleefully killing any fellow Green Lantern in his path. Especially ones that he's come to know for years. Even worse, is that unlike the main verse, Green Lantern Rings do not have the "no kill" restriction which Sinestro milks for all its worth. He gets even worse when he gets the Yellow Lantern Ring and brutally murders his former Lantern allies with casual ease.
    • He's also one of the biggest Hero Killer perpetrators in DC Films as he managed to kill thousands of Green Lanterns by destroying their power source and leaving them to die in space, during a fight, or just falling to their deaths. The sky literally rains the rings of dead Lanterns when Sinestro is finished.
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    • Sinestro's torture of a criminal's girlfriend is disturbing since he's basically forcing her to overdose on a G-Rated Drug called a "moonball" to get her to confess the criminal's whereabouts. A real-life comparison would be intentionally injecting someone with heroin until they overdose, and it's presented as especially painful here.
    • Sinestro using his Lantern Ring to connect synapses in his collaborator's brain to resurrect him and find the location of the Yellow Element. The person in question can still feel being dead, is frozen from the inside due to being in cold storage, and has to casually hear how Sinestro betrayed and killed him before using his corpse to get more information.
  • Boudikka's Faux Affably Evil shift is incredibly shocking since she goes from an affable—if too sympathetic—ally to Hal to trying to kill Kilowog under Sinestro's order and suffocate Hal to death with a Slasher Smile on her face.
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  • The high-pitched scream the Yellow Weapon makes when being fired is shocking whenever it goes off.
  • The Weaponers of Qward, though neutral, are pretty creepy Spider Humanoids with uncomfortable raspy voices.

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