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Funny / Green Lantern: First Flight

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  • Hal interrupting a Guardian during his briefing.
    Guardian: Each Lantern is responsible for patrolling one of 3600 sectors of the universe, but-
    Hal: Sort of like one cop per precinct?
    Guardian: Uh yes, I...I suppose...
    Hal: My uncle was a cop.
    Guardian: Yes, fine, but...
    Hal: 30 years on the Coast City police force, used to let me turn on the siren. Nice guy.
  • "Shut your mouth, you stupid little troll!"
    • And the eventual response, coming from Ranakar.
    "Like hell!"
  • "It's a fragger!"
  • After the Guardians have appointed Sinestro as Hal's trainer.
    Hal: So what now?
    Sinestro: Now I own your ass.