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Nightmare Fuel / Fall Out Boy

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Never let it be said that four dudes from the Midwest couldn't inspire some genuinely creepy moments, especially in their music videos!

In order for Nightmare Fuel tabs to survive, a new writing style is going to be used, nicknamed Example Lobotomy. Basic rules: just list facts as they are, don't just say "character X" or "the X scene" (such zero context examples will be Zapped!), spoiler policy to be determined on a case-by-case basis, italics to be applied to works' names only and not to give emphasis on what tropers say. "X scared me" is already implied by the mere addition of that example by the troper.

Also, due to the high volume of Nightmare Fuel coming from the Youngblood Chronicles, please put Nightmare Fuel relating to the series of videos Fall Out Boy released for Save Rock and Roll into its respective folder. Considering how it is, we're gonna need all the help we can get.


Music Videos

  • America's Suitehearts has regular people finding themselves morphed into freakish Hollywood caricatures of themselves through camera flashes. It's implied that this was the fate of the band as well.
  • I'm Like A Lawyer With The Way I'm Always Trying To Get You Off (Me & You)'s music video starts sweet enough, a Ugandan elder tells the story of a boy and a girl in love and we get to see life through their eyes...then the music drops out and the Lord's Republican Army comes in to raid the village and kidnap kids, including the boy. He manages to escape back to a (thankfully intact) village and his girlfriend but is obviously traumatized.note 
  • Saturday's music video starts with Pete as a serial killer and Patrick as the detective chasing him down, but later on it's revealed that Patrick and Pete are actually the same person. The video ends with Pete finding and killing Patrick, which kills himself in the process.
    • This scene is made considerably less horrifying when you notice that, for whatever reason, Pete doesn't even have a prop gun. He's just using a finger gun.
  • The video for Young and Menace is a disorienting horror story about a kid escaping from monster parents that look like characters from "Where The Wild Things Are" gone horribly wrong. She's obviously disoriented having escaped to Los Angeles, she can only speak in a monster language that she can't understand, and gets struck with anxiety when she stumbles across a loud and raucous Fall Out Boy concert. The big twist? Her parents aren't literally monster parents, they're abusive, human parents in a dysfunctional relationship that she SEES as monsters. Her running away from home was as a result of them getting violent after she showed them a pamphlet she found on the beach to convince them that they should act like a normal family. Her failure to get through to them and to get help from the outside world is both scary and heartbreaking.
    • The monster costumes might be Nightmare Retardant depending on if you find them creepy, Creepy Cute, or just plain cheesy. Even the actress who plays the kid goes to give the monsters a hug in the behind the scenes video!

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    The Youngblood Chronicles 

For Save Rock and Roll, Fall Out Boy set out to create a series of music videos for each track on the album, featuring the band being perused by a mysterious group due to their possession of a briefcase with glowing contents. Nobody could have ever expected just how disturbing this series became. (if the mentions of it on the main tropes page are any indicator).

  • The video for My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light 'Em Up) came out the same day the band came back from break. While not as shocking as the videos after it, most fans weren't ready for their first video back to end on a cliffhanger with the band in the back of a black van, bound with bags on their heads and being far too close for comfort to three intimidating people with gasoline and a lighter. "Light 'Em Up", indeed.
  • Things got off the rails with the video for The Phoenix. Patrick gets his hand cut off by his kidnappers. To add insult to injury, who has it delivered to him by the kid who set the trap for Patrick in the first place? Pete. Imagine getting that from your best friend.
  • The Young Volcanoes music video is explicit for a reason. Several reasons, in fact: naked girls with weird pig masks, trippy visuals, and the band is forced to take drugs and eat Patrick's organs, which were removed from him in the video for "The Phoenix". It doesn't help that the song itself is one of the happiest songs on the album, which is heavily contrasted to, well, everything in this video.
  • "Alone Together" isn't nearly as disturbing, but does have the band getting split up and tortured while Pete stabs a woman to death with a hook.
    • Whatever Patrick went through in this video counts—when Pete finds him, he can't get him to snap out of it and it looks like Patrick is just screaming his head off the entire time.
  • The video for "The Mighty Fall" has Big Sean coming up behind one kid and snapping his neck, turning his head 180 degrees with an audible CRACK!
    • Also when Big Sean gets axed to death by two women and the video ends on his corpse and his blood slowly staining the ground around him. Ew.
  • "Just One Yesterday" features a ton of strong PTSD undertones. And Pete throwing up a snake for good measure.
    • She pulls up to an abandoned hospital, where it is revealed that she, "The Death Adder", is also evil. She plays her truck's radio, sending Patrick back into his trance. Pete, Andy and Joe flee into the hospital as Patrick preys on them.
  • In "Where Did the Party Go", we get to see the actual effects of the yellow-eye thing the antagonists have been doing to Patrick. It makes him see the environment as far more malicious than it actually is- so he isn't actually going after his friends, he's going after what he's seeing- and he ends up killing Joe because of it. Whether or not there's Nightmare Retardant depends on whether or not you thought the following shot of Pete was him looking suitably distressed or only appearing mildly concerned.
  • Patrick goes through a lot of this in general, but imagine the end of "Death Valley." You've killed your friend, you've been arrested, but surely your other two bandmates will sort things out and get you out, right? Wrong. You're released right back into the hands of the women from earlier. And the police just ignore his protesting and struggling.
  • "Rat A Tat Tat" looks like it has a hope spot for Pete and Andy up until Andy gets HIS THROAT SLIT.
    • Patrick's re-brainwashing counts. Seeing him destroy all the instruments was pretty creepy too, given that it's...well, Patrick.
  • "Miss Missing You" has something people were sincerely hoping wouldn't happen: Pete and Patrick end up killing one another.
  • THE ENDING. Nearly nobody was expecting whatever that thing was to come out of the briefcase. The newly reformed villain ladies weren't safe, the rescued fans weren't safe... and they ruined God!Elton John's suit too!