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  • That really, really long note in "The Take Over, The Break's Over".
  • If "What A Catch, Donnie" is considered the band "sad" farewell song, then "Alpha Dog" and "From Now On, We're Enemies" are considered to be the band's "in-your-face and explosive" farewell song. Helps numb the pain of their hiatus.
  • At one gig they brought everyone waiting in line pizza from the place next door.
    • They've been getting fans waiting in line hot chocolate as well.
  • Marking the end of the band's hiatus, the entire Save Rock and Roll album.
    • The entire band honestly thought when they came back in February 2013 that people wouldn't care that they came back. Tickets for their first shows back sold out within minutes and Save Rock and Roll debuted at #1 in 27 countries.
      • Adding to that: "My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark" alone was certified triple platinum, was named as one of BBC Radio One's Top 100 Tracks of the last five years, peaked at #13 in the Billboard charts, was performed at the Pro Bowl halftime show and the Victoria's Secret fashion show, has been used in everything from Percy Jackson and the Olympians to Monday Night Football, and has hit well over three million digital downloads.
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  • The fact that they managed to hide Save Rock And Roll (In the event that production fell through, they wanted to be able to shelve it quietly), despite being caught by the paps a few times and 2Chainz accidentally teasing a Fall Out Boy crossover (Which didn't work because the fans collectively scoffed at the idea). They kept this up right until the announcement- as in, a week before it, Patrick said a reunion wasn't likely. When confronted about the rumors a day before they came back, all Pete had to say was "don't hold your breath".
  • After an entire Youngblood Chronicles saga of blood, gore, and everyone wanting to either kill them or hinder them for ill-defined reasons, in the video for "Save Rock and Roll" the band finally gets to, well, save rock and roll, their fans, and even Courtney Love and her lady posse with The Power of Rock bestowed upon them by Elton John as GOD HIMSELF.
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  • Patrick's response to a certain review about the PAX AM Days EP...
    Patrick: So, I make it a point not to read reviews. It’s kind of pointless. But I stumbled upon one about the Pax-AM Days that we just put out. And it was fine, you know, it was a bad review. And you get those and that’s totally cool and I have no problem getting a bad review but I do have a problem…
    Pete: It's not fucking cool...
    Patrick: Whatever, I’m not gonna Kanye it. But I’m gonna say one thing this guy said in this review when he got to me was, he said, first off that I don’t believe in what I’m singing. Which, say you don’t like it, say the music isn’t good, say whatever you think, but don’t try to tell me I don’t believe in this. And, number two, he said something about “The punk rock scene is very inclusive and unfortunately it lets in a lot of riff-raff.” And it’s all riff-raff, we are the riff-raff! So, I wanted to say, and I’m the polite guy so I won’t say it out loud, that…”
    Andy: FUCK YOU!

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