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Nightmare Fuel / Fear Factory

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Fear Factory not only has one of their lyrics as the heading quote for the main Nightmare Fuel page, but it's also right in their name. Go ahead and listen to at least half of their catalog. Sweet dreams~!

  • "Suffer Age". If the lyrics based upon the murders committed by John Wayne Gacy don't scare you, the ominous guitar riffing at the beginning will.
  • "Christploitation" is a good five minutes of the band reminding you that God doesn't exist, the afterlife doesn't exist, and you will become nothing after death. Also, pianos are still creepy as all hell.
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  • "Controlled Demolition" Takes you right back to 9/11 complete with a 911 call from inside one of the towers.
  • The outtros to pretty much all of the closing tracks are pretty unnerving, especially "A Therapy for Pain" and "Final Exit".
  • "Slave Labor". The song itself isn't really that scary, save for the synths in the main riff, but the subject matter is about self-immolation, which means burning yourself alive. The chorus actually has the line, "Help me pour this gas on me!".
  • "Byte Block" also has elements of this. The creepy bridge that leads into the loud scream near the end doesn't help either.
  • The samples in "H-K (Hunter-Killer)", specifically the intro and outro: "A WAR AGAINST THE MACHINE-INE-INE-INE-INE-INE—".
  • The demos for their debut album songs (Concrete does not count) are no slouch either. Take the already creepy songs from that album, downgrade the audio quality heavily, add in some ambience, and the end result is absolutely chilling to listen to. This quote from a Youtuber states it best.
    I feel that these old demos really give a coherent audio representation to the name "Fear Factory". So ominous, dark, suffocated, cold and detached, almost inhuman. you can really feel buried inside that early 90s nightmarish lo-fi kind of ambience.

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