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Nightmare Fuel / FKA Twigs

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  • The pitched down vocal samples in the chorus of "Papi Pacify".
  • "Preface" as a whole. The industrial beats, the "demon vocals" in the background saying some incomprehensible stuff. Just... disturbing.
  • "Numbers" is quite unsettling.
  • The photoshoot accompanying the LP 1 release, pictured above, features her face being warped into... something that doesn't look human at all.
  • The video for "Water Me". Directed by Jesse Kanda, and in it, she bobs her head back and forth inhumanly, and in the end, her eyeballs grow to way beyond natural size. It's a really minimal video, but it is indeed terrifying.
    • The song is also quite creepy too. I mean, it was co-produced by Arca...
  • The cover of her second EP, shows her neck being way longer than its natural size, and it looks really creepy.
  • The "Video Girl" music video, all the way through. A man strapped to a table receiving an injection (possibly a fatal one) has a vision of twigs doing an unsettling dance while singing the song... and sometimes out of nowhere the music cuts out and we see a man dripping blood from his mouth (which appears to be full of it) on to FKA.
    • This doubles as a Tear Jerker if you understand the background of what led up to this video. FKA made the video in the wake of the racist backlash she received from Twilight fans for getting together with Robert Pattinson. If you pay close attention, you can see a tattoo on the man's neck that reads A.B. Or for those of you not in the know, Aryan Brotherhood. The man with blood dripping out of his mouth also makes more sense if you understand it in the context of racial violence, but that does not make the shot any less Nightmare Fuel or Tear Jerker material.
  • The short film released for M3LL155X:
    • "Figure 8" features fashion icon Michèle Lamy dressed as an anglerfish, eventually consuming her own lure (the bioluminescent part)
    • "I'm Your Doll" features a man who stares lustily at twigs as a blow-up doll. He has sex with the doll and afterwards it's completely deflated.
    • The video for "In Time" features a pregnant twigs, who is observed by the same man from "Video Girl" while dancing. Her water breaks, and she's leaking brightly colored paints.
    • At the beginning of the "Glass & Patron" video, she stares into the camera rather seductively as her fingers crawl down pregnant stomach. Then she gives birth to a scarf.
  • In the video for "Good to Love," right before the instrumental bridge, the camera starts to shake and she rolls her eyes back.

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