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  • Executive Meddling: According to Dino, "Concreto" was meant to be part of Demanufacture's main tracklisting, but the label thought their cover of "Dog Day Sunrise" would be a hit and made them replace it.
  • Fan Nickname: Dino Cazares, who's a bit heavy, is widely known on Fear Factory forums as "Self Diet Resistor."
  • Missing Episode: They completed what was supposed to be their debut album in 1991, which was meant to launch a record label founded by its Record Producer, Ross Robinson. The band didn't like the terms of their contract, so they refused to sign it. Legally owning the rights to the songs but not the actual recordings, they re-recorded eight songs for Soul Of A New Machine in 1992,and the rest of the material remained unreleased... Until 2002, when the long-forgotten recordings were issued by Roadrunner Records under the title Concrete. According to Burton C. Bell, Robinson had sold the album to Roadrunner, who released it without the band's permission because they owed the label one more album.
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  • Old Shame: None of the band seems to have high regard for how Transgression turned out. Christian hated how the final mix sounded (calling it "the worst piece of shit I'd heard in my life") and Raymond and Burton admit that they were too burnt out to do another record that quickly. It's the only studio album they haven't played live again from since the initial release tours.
  • Screwed by the Lawyers: A planned tenth studio album, Monolith, has been shelved pending the results of a lawsuit brought on by Raymond Herrera and Christian Olde Wolbers over the rights to the "Fear Factory" name.
  • The Pete Best: Andrew Shives was the live bassist from 92-93. Although he's credited on Soul of a New Machine, he didn't record bass parts for the record (those were done by Dino). He left the band due to differences and was replaced by Chirstian Olde Wolbers, who's much more remembered.
    • Reynor Diego is often said to be a keyboardist for Fear Is the Mindkiller and Demanufacture, but this was denied by session musician Rhys Fulber in Decibel Magazine's Hall of Fame entry for Demanufacture. Fulber stated that Diego was Fear Factory's live keyboardist.
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    • Also mentioned from the Decibel Hall of Fame interview, Christian Olde Wolbers didn't perform bass on Demanufacture as Dino Cazares and Rhys Fulber said that the former played the bass parts and Wolbers didn't start playing on studio albums until Obsolete.
  • Troubled Production:
    • As surprising as it sounds, Demanufacture went through one.
      • Initially, the band booked Chicago Trax to record the album, partly because two of the band's biggest influences, Ministry and Skinny Puppy, recorded albums there. However, due to uncooperative equipment and perceived lack of safety relative to drug dealing in the studio's area, Fear Factory chose to leave the studio and relocate at Bearsville Studios in upstate Albany, NY.
      • Drums tracking went smoothly, but when it was time to record the guitars, Dino Cazares and producer Colin Richardson fought constantly over the album's guitar tone. Richardson tried to force Cazares to change it, to which he refused, to the point that two weeks into recording, no guitars were recorded. Eventually, a compromise was found with the help of Bad Brains guitarist Dr Know.
      • Then came the mix, which was another point where the band and their producer couldn't get along on. On one side, the band wanted the album to put high emphasis on the electronics. On the other side, producer Colin Richardson wanted the album to sound "conventional". Eventually, Richardson got fed up with Dino Cazares and personally banned him from the mixing sessions so he could mix the album without any interruptions.
      • In the end, the band hated Richardson's mix for the album. To add insult to injury, they also discovered that the drum tracks had been deleted, forcing them to re-record the drums quickly with only a basic kit. Greg Reely was brought in to remix the album with the band.
      • In the end, all the efforts paid off: Demanufacture was released in June 1995 to critical acclaim and unexpected commercial success, and is nowadays seen as a landmark record in heavy metal history. "Zero Signal" was even included on the soundtrack for Mortal Kombat. On a more positive note about Richardson's original mix, two songs from the album as mixed by him are available on B-sides album Hatefiles.
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    • The much delayed follow up to Genexus is going through this due to ongoing legal disputes about who owns the band name, with the latest plot twist being that Burton actually quit the band because he found out that Dino had somehow claimed the sole rights to the name.
    • Transgression also had a very tense recording process, as their label at the time pressured them to finish the album as quickly as possible so it could be released and promoted during the Gigantour festivals, in which Fear Factory participated. Unlike Demanufacture, the results were not as stellar...
  • What Could Have Been - A music video for "Edgecrusher" was planned with visual effects provided by Wipeout creators Psygnosis (now known as SCE). Some footage was shot but it was never finished due to the band's touring schedule.
    • A planned video for "Final Exit" also never materialized.
    • Sarah McLachlan was asked to sing on "Timelessness", but turned it down as she felt the album was too heavy for her.
    • The original album title for Obsolete was going to be Securitron earlier on.

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