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Nightmare Fuel / Dracula (1931)

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  • Most of the film's scares haven't aged well, but Renfield's laugh...good God, Renfield's laugh!
  • Dracula's nearly constant Death Glare. Bela Lugosi's famous "I never drink... wine" scene is simultaneously humorous and creepy from the way he just stares right at Renfield the entire time.
    • Also, Renfield's first meeting with Dracula is just creepy. From the way Dracula passes through a spider web without disturbing a single strand to the way his answers don't quite match Renfield's questions, there's a palpable sense of wrongness to the scene.
  • At the end, after Renfield has failed Dracula one too many times.
    Renfield: No! No, don't kill me! Punish me, torture me, but let me live! I can't die with all those lives on my conscience; all that blood on my hands!
  • At one point everyone rushes out to see Dracula's latest outrage, leaving the maid alone with Renfield. She faints, and the scene ends with him creeping toward her on all fours. We never learn what, if anything, he did to her.
    • The Spanish Version shows what happened. He's really grabbing at a fly on her face. The build up is still creepy, though.
  • The film can come off as a lot creepier if you watch it with music (something the DVD lets you do). Watching it normally? Somewhat boring. With the music? Horrifying.


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