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Funny / Dracula (1931)

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  • This little scene after Van Helsing says bullets won't work:
    Maid: He's crazy!
    Martin: They're all crazy. They're all crazy except you and me. Sometimes I have my doubts about you.
    Maid: Yes.
    (Martin slowly backs away.)
  • In the Spanish version, she walks off in a huff. A more realistic reaction, but still funny for those used to the English.
  • While the Spanish version of the film has better acting from most of the main cast, Carlos Villarias' performance as Dracula is sufficiently narm-y and hilarious in spots. One notable example is his version of the scene where Van Helsing flashes the Cross at him.
    • On that note, there's Bela Lugosi's version of the scene, where Dracula is about to attack Van Helsing after he resists his hypnotic powers. When Helsing pulls out his cross, Dracula stops dead in his tracks, and the look on his face is priceless. There's also his irritated hiss as he shuffles out of the room.
  • This exchange between Martin and Renfield:
    Martin: Ain't you ashamed now? Ain't you? Spiders now, is it? Flies ain't good enough!
    Renfield: Flies? Flies?! Poor puny things! Who wants to eat flies?!
    Martin: You do, ya loony!
    Renfield: Not when I can get nice fat spiders!
    Martin: All right, have it your own way.
  • Two years after this film, Bela Lugosi cameoed in one of a series of Paramount Studios shorts called "Hollywood on Parade." In the short, a series of wax figures come to life, including Betty Boop (played by Bonnie Poe). Boop sings a short ditty, ending with her trademark "Boop-oop-be-doop!" Dracula appears, gets her in a dip, and menacingly utters, " have booped your last boop!" before biting her neck. Bela delivers the ridiculous line with the sincerity that he gave every other role he played, and it's hilarious.
  • Renfield's assessment of the heroes' discussion of Dracula:
    Renfield: Isn't this a strange conversation for men who aren't crazy?
  • Van Helsing asks Renfield about his association with Dracula: