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Fridge / Dracula (1931)

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Fridge Brilliance

  • Dracula's famous quote, "I never drink - wine": In many mythologies, vampires don't need to drink liquids to stay hydrated like living creatures do. "I never drink - wine" could be Dracula accidentally revealing his vampiric nature, then covering it by implying he simply abstains from alcohol.
    • Alternatively, it really is just a private joke at Renfield's expense.
  • Renfield is hypnotized in this version. It may be why he doesn't want to kill people, just animals.
  • Dracula barely can deal with humans as things to talk to instead of eat but recognizes Abraham Van Helsing's name as a distinguished scientist. Does he knew him as an actual scientist...or as a vampire hunter?
    • Alternatively, Dracula learned of Van Helsing snooping around from Renfield.
  • This movie created the "Classic Dracula" look, with the white tie, dinner jacket, and opera cape. Audiences today instantly recognize that look and associate it with this version of Dracula. But in the film, Dracula identified himself as a foreign nobleman and many scenes took place at an opera house or in a high society setting where everybody was wearing evening dress. In other words, Dracula didn't dress that way because it was his own personal style or to identify himself as a Vampire. He was dressing that way to blend in.
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  • Decades later, The Monster Squad would reference this movie by having armadillos wandering around in Dracula's crypt and a vampiress feeding off a freshly-killed opossum. This might, in fact, offer an inadvertent sort-of-excuse for these animals' presence in the original film: if Dracula and his ladies actually do resort to animal prey on occasion, for variety or for lack of human victims, then perhaps the Count became curious about what such exotic "food" might taste like. He was planning to move, after all, so might've had samples of "cuisine" from other regions sent alive to his castle, just in case it turned out that North American wildlife had better-tasting blood than Europe's. In which case, opossums and armadillos would be high on his list of gourmet snacks to try, being completely different from European mammals. The fact that the ones in Dracula (1931) are shown alive suggests that they tasted terrible, motivating the Count to stay closer to home.


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