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Nightmare Fuel / Dot and the Kangaroo

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Considering the film is about a young Australian girl getting lost in the woods and the adventures said girl goes on in the sequels, there's always going to be perils and potentially nightmarish scenarios along the way.

Original film

  • The Bunyip Song.
  • The hunters.
  • The crows near the beginning.
  • The snake that coils around Dot's legs before preparing to bite her. Luckily, the toucan saved her from being bitten, otherwise Dot would most likely be dead from the snake's venom.
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  • The dingoes that attack and chase Dot and the kangaroo to a chasm which the kangaroo jumps but she nearly doesn't make it while Dot can only watch her struggle while panicking in her pouch.
  • Dot's father and grandfather venturing into the woods to look for her, they spend most of the film taking refuge in the woods and calling her name but no avail and finally are forced to give up as Dot's father is becoming increasingly ill. By the time Dot gets home, her entire family believe they've lost her for good and are mourning for her.


Around the World with Dot

  • The volcanic ash cloud scene.

Dot and the Bunny

  • Dot tries to rescue Funny-Bunny from falling into a raging river and fails, by which time, it is pouring with rain, she is miles from home and has to use a wallaby cave for shelter and spend the night there.
    • Said cave turns out to be so spooky, the wallabies dare not enter it, Dot feels likewise once she sees it for herself.
  • The next morning, both Dot and Funny-Bunny are almost eaten by crocodiles.
  • The kangaroos fighting as Funny-Bunny eggs them on.
  • The War scenes while Dot is explaining the meaning of War to Funny-Bunny.

Dot and the Koala


Dot and Keeto

  • Just being insect-sized proves perilous enough for Dot, no sooner does she realize her situation, she is almost crushed under her brother Simon's sneakers and attacked by a cat and a crow, both of whom clearly intending to eat her.
  • Dot appears to hallucinate momentarily after consuming the red root that turns her from live-action to animated form.
  • Said root briefly causes Dot to become a giant that towers above her house, she barely has enough time to take note of her enormous feet before she shrinks.
  • Dot and Keeto caught in a spider's web, the insect-sized kangaroo has to quickly force-feed Dot the green root to save her and restore her to her normal size.

Dot and the Whale

  • Dot accidentally steps on live coral and gets potentially fatally stung, and then nearly sits on the same coral until Nelson moves her out of harm's way. She starts to feel dizzy and hallucinate and finally faints.
  • The octopus that heals Dot has glowing yellow eyes, resides in a layer that resembles an enormous skull and nearly suffocates Nelson with his tentacles.

Dot and the Smugglers

Dot Goes To Hollywood

Dot in Space

  • Most if not the whole film could qualify once Dot sets her heart on rescuing Whyka, especially when you consider that Dot is still just a little girl and what she goes through.
    • She and Dozey-Face almost get electrocuted by the perimeter fence.
    • She manages to rescue Whyka but then her tether gets caught around the pilot's seat in the cockpit of Whyka's rocket which is about to blow up and they only just manage to escape.
    • They crash-land on a seemingly deserted and desolate planet that isn't Earth.
    • They are ambushed and captured by Scary Dogmatic Aliens who subject Dot to interrogation, verbal and physical abuse, torture and enslavement.
    • Said Aliens (The Roundies) can float in midair so Dot can only struggle and scream until she is Bound and Gagged, almost like Prince Phillip.
    • Planet Pie-Arr-Squared is littered with many dangers such as hostile sentient trees, an active volcano and quicksand.
    • The Roundies willingly leave Dot to get eaten by the Gorgo monster. He only eats her gag in the end but if he hadn't gone soft over her screaming and struggling.....
  • It's left ambiguous as to whether Dot and Whyka return to Earth or not.

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