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What An Idiot / Dot and the Kangaroo

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Innocent little girl or not, Dot certainly has her moments and indeed, so do her animal friends.

Dot and the Kangaroo

  • At the beginning, Dot is already lost in the woods, it's then revealed in a flashback that she requested her parents' permission to go out and find food for her rabbits.
    • You'd Expect: that in addition to reminding their daughter it is time for their evening meal and it will be going dark soon, Dot's parents and/or grandfather would at least make the effort to accompany her, even if it means waiting until after they've eaten.
    • Instead: They allow Dot to go off on her own and she promptly gets lost in the woods.
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    • As a Result: Dot remains lost and alone until on a mother kangaroo finds her and relies on said kangaroo to keep her safe and help her find her way back while her father and grandfather spent most of the remainder of the film searching for her.

  • Later in the film, the titular characters come in close proximity to a camp inhabited by a tribe of aboriginals and their dingoes.
    • You'd Expect: that the kangaroo would immediately turn back before she or Dot are seen or heard.
    • Instead: They just continue to observe the aboriginals from a distance and seeing them armed with harpoons frightens Dot so much that she screams, blowing their cover.
    • As a Result: They are forced to flee and chased by the dingoes.


Around the World with Dot

  • When Dot and her friends arrive in London, they immediately go their separate ways
    • You'd Expect: that since Dot already explained to Danny/Santa about the last time she got lost before hand, she'd stick by either him or Dozey-Face and Grumble-Bones and either of the three would think to keep an eye on her or, if everyone must go their separate ways, arrange a meeting point.
    • Instead: No one does any of the above.
    • As a Result: Dot soon finds herself lost and alone on the crowded streets of London and relies on a British Lion statue for solace.


Dot and the Bunny

  • Funny-Bunny repeatedly tries to disguise himself as the missing Joey that Dot is looking for but she sees through the ruse each time.
    • You'd Expect: Funny-Bunny to realize it's no use trying to fool Dot and just open up to her about he's doing it.
    • Instead: Funny-Bunny just carries on trying to fool Dot until she eventually loses her patience with him, by which time he's in danger of being washed away in a raging river.
    • As a Result: Dot is unable to save Funny-Bunny and spends half the night fearing he's drowned.

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