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Nightmare Fuel / Dragon Hunters

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The Series:

  • In the episode Who's Lost their head now?, the Salamango dragon suddenly talks to Lian-Chu that he will come back when he kills him in a low tone of voice. Later in the episode the decapitated head seems to speak to him without moving its lips. There's just this vacant stare.
  • The Shadow dragon in Dragon in the Hearth
  • In "For a Few Veggies More", Gwizdo tries to kill Chief Big Beard, who is putting his plan in jeopardy by going along with his and Lian-Chu's mission to hunt themselves (They're disguised as their own bounty hunters). The extreme closeup and the look of murderous rage in Gwizdo's eyes shows that he means business. Fortunately, Lian-Chu stops him short of pushing him off the St. George, and Gwizdo grudgingly keeps steering.

The Movie:
I once Lifted my sword before him and the mere sight of his Fiery gaze drove my own eyes back into my skull!
  • The World Gobbler in the movie itself, a giant and terrifying skeleton dragon that wakes up and destroys anything in its path in every 20 seasons and its size is almost as bigger than Godzilla!
    • its first appearance is at the beginning of the film when it Destroys Lian-chu's Village only his Glowing yellow eyes appear in the smoke (As provided as the Page Image).
      • The Music doesen't help either.

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