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Funny / Dot and the Kangaroo

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  • Whenever Dot laughs.

Dot and the Kangaroo

  • The Frog Song.

Around the World with Dot

Dot and the Bunny

  • Funny-Bunny gets his name from Dot initially finding his attempts to pass himself off as a Joey amusing.
  • Funny-Bunny's look of absolute horror when Dot tells him to say goodbye to all the crabs for her.

Dot and the Koala

  • Mayor Percy getting stuck in the underground tunnel and the subsequent wave that frees him and sends him, Sherlock Bones, Dr Watson, Dot and Bruce shooting up into the air and landing in a hot air balloon.

Dot and Keeto

Dot and the Whale

Dot and the Smugglers

Dot Goes to Hollywood

Dot in Space

  • Dot pretending to be a road-sign as a Security Guard drives past in his Jeep.
  • Dot imitating Buster while donning his spacesuit.

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