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Tear Jerker / Dot and the Kangaroo

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Original Film

  • The opening with Dot already lost alone and crying.
  • The mother kangaroo explaining to the other animals how she lost her joey after they stubbornly refuse to help Dot.
  • Dot crying over the temporarily weakened kangaroo after their escape from the dingoes.
  • The increasing desperation (and illness) of Dot's father and grandfather as they try looking for her.
    • By the time she returns, her whole family they'll never see her again.
  • The ending, in which Kangaroo leaves Dot after returning her home.

Around the World with Dot

Dot and the Bunny

  • Dot pleading to the wallabies for shelter after losing Funny-Bunny in a raging river and finding herself a long way from home in a thunderstorm with darkness falling.
  • Dot and Funny-Bunny coming across the sight beach torn apart by war, with ruined trucks, tanks, boats scattered about. When Funny-Bunny asks why humans would want to hurt and kill each other, Dot can't give a clear answer, outside of the aftermath of children, including baby animals, being left alone after their parents are killed. Her father was once told her that she wouldn't understand the senseless violence war brings, and he probably couldn't understand it himself at her age.
  • Funny-Bunny revealing why he keeps pretending to be a joey. His family was shoot by a hunter, and he was the only one to survive and has been alone ever since. When he heard about Dot looking for the Mother Kangaroo's joey, Funny-Bunny wanted to have a mother again, hence his numerous failed attempts to trick Dot into thinking he was a joey, in hopes she would bring him to the mother.

Dot Goes To Hollywood

  • Gumbley, Dot's koala friend, suffers from an eye disease throughout the movie, which motives Dot to perform on stage to raise money to help him. Had the operation not been successful, he would have died.

Dot in Space

  • Dot and her animal friends (with the exception of Grumble-Bones) showing concern for Whyka.
  • The plight of those who aren't round, especially Poley, as a result of Papa Drop's tyranny.

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