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Heartwarming / Dot and the Kangaroo

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  • The bonds Dot forms with whoever she encounters on her adventures.

Dot and the Kangaroo

  • When the Kangaroo decides to take care of Dot.
  • Dot lying on Kangaroo to sleep.
  • Dot giving Kangaroo some water when she's recovering from the dingo attack.

Around the World with Dot

Dot and the Bunny

  • The Roaming Free song.
  • The bond between Dot and Funny-Bunny in spite of how trying the latter proves to be.
  • Dot and Funny-Bunny witnessing the birth of a joey.
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  • The baby sea-turtles returning to the ocean.
  • Dot's delight when she sees Kangaroo again, and hugs her.
  • The mother kangaroo adopting Funny-Bunny.

Dot and the Koala

Dot and Keeto

  • Tiny Dot covered with butterflies.

Dot and the Whale

  • Alex, Owen and the other kids who help Dot to keep Tonga alive.
  • Dot's bonds with Nelson and the sea-turtle.
  • The Save the Whale song.

Dot and the Smugglers

Dot Goes to Hollywood

  • Dot tending to Gumley's eyes, knowing it's best she can do for him, doubles with Tear Jerker.


Dot in Space

  • The Roundy mother in the stands trying to rock her baby to sleep which is ironic, given her own kind are persecuting an innocent child (Dot) right in front of her, not to mention she's in a chanting crowd.

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