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Nightmare Fuel / Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth

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I'a Dagon!

As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • The ore-crusher scene. Dear god.
  • Also the scene where an FBI agent has been covered in Shoggoth acid and can only yell gibberish as Hoover tries to get him to say what he ran into. Eventually, Hoover takes out a gun and shoots him. He then turns to you and says: "What're you looking at me like that for? He was an agent, he knew the risks!"
  • And about the Shoggoth itself. It's gigantic, capable of forming eyes, mouths, tentacles and weird "blossom"-things wherever it wants to attack you. One thing that was added to the Shoggoth for this game that makes it even worse is that its entire body is highly corrossive, able to burn you with the slightest touch. Staring at the abomination will have Jack lose sanity so quickly that his vision warps and blurs while he mutters to himself in sheer panic.
  • When the Fishmen in the Hell Hotel try to kill Jack in his sleep. And they learn he's awake and aware of what's going on. And he's completely unarmed. You then have to push shelves and lock doors on your way out as fast as you possibly can.
    • During the chase, you stumble into the bedroom of a nearby building, rudly awakening a Deep One Hybrid in her nightgown, screaming bloody murder. Fan Disservice at its finest.
    • The manager's office, which is full of body parts crammed into the file cabinet. There's also a document where he talks about how he'll have to wait to cannibalize his victims until a few hours after they've eaten next time, because the stench of their innards was awful.
    • The build-up to this incident also doesn't help. Jack arrives in town, and pretty much no one is cooperative, much less comprehensible half the time with their abnormal faces and expressions. And every once in a while, you might notice a moving shadow just out of the corner of your vision - or glance out a window and notice the vague silhouette of something distinctly not human out there, watching you before escaping continued sight. Occasionally the screen will suddenly shift to the perspective of something else, moving in your footsteps or around your location, and when it swaps back, whatever was tailing you may or may not be there.
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  • The hanged, rotting body of a woman you find in the half-destroyed basement. Complete with Jump Scare.
    Jack: Holy shit!
  • The almshouse, filled with normal, elderly humans that clearly haven't been outside in a long time. It's literally falling apart, the beds are soaked with the smell of sweat and urine, and the building's proprietor is dead and rotting in one of the hallways.
  • Ramona's mother, whose transformation into a Deep One was so complete that her husband had no choice but to lock her in the attic. When you go to inspect the door, she roars in your face and batters down the door with ease, knocking you out while she mauls her own daughter downstairs. You then awake to discover Thomas Waite cradling Ramona's bloodied body, sobbing uncontrollably. And it gets worse: the Innsmouth Police bust the door open and drag Thomas away with the full intention of having him lynched.
    Thomas Waite: They've taken the last thing I loved away from me!
  • Ramona Waite herself. Yes, she's an innocent little girl and one of the few friendly faces in Innsmouth. However, investigating her coloring book reveals drawings of horrific beings and eldritch sigils. Worst of all, her mother is a full-blown Deep One, meaning that she was doomed to become another fish-faced monstrosity in the end.
    • Thomas Waite ended up taking the "Third Oath" of the Order of Dagon, which was to sire a child with a Deep One. Meaning that his wife always looked like that.
    Ramona Waite: Mommy bites. Daddy says we have to keep her up there for her own good.
    Jack Walters: Excuse me?
  • In the Innsmouth jail, the only other inmate besides Burnham is an insane lunatic named Henry rambling about, among other things, the rats in the walls. When you go through the sewers to get into the garage, you can find long-dead rat corpses and take one to show Henry that the rats are dead. Henry promptly devours the rat and kills himself by repeatedly bashing in his head against the jail bars, splattering blood on you.
    • And who else is there? Thomas Waite. Or rather, his hanging body.
  • The flashback sequences set in the asylum, which occasionally involve weird hallucinations (insects, blood flowing from the ceiling...)
  • The Deep One-Star Spawn hybrid that the Order of Dagon keeps in the tunnels right by their temple.
  • One of the cells near the Temple of Dagon has...something lurking inside of it. You can't open the door or get a proper look - and it's definitely for the best.
  • The Polyps are arguably the most horrifying creatures in the game, and that's saying something. While trying to find a way into Mother Hydras temple, you come across one of the Yiths great stone seals... except this one is broken. The passage leads you to a vast abyss deep beneath the ocean floor. Then you see movement in the darkness. Two giant, horrible faces will suddenly lurch up towards you, and you're in for the fight of your life, and on top of that, you have limited space to move on the stone catwalks overlooking the abyss. What makes them even scarier is that they have nothing to do with the Marshes, the cult or even Dagon himself. In fact, the cult is terrified of the things that lie beneath their temple. Always a Bigger Fish indeed...
  • The first cutscene alone in which Jack commits suicide, setting the dreadful, macabre tone of the rest of the game. And it doesn’t help the fact that the rest of the game is a flashback to this point. And one can only imagine what it would be like for anyone committed to a mental hospital in the 1920s.
  • The final flashback of the game, which has Jack in Yithian form witnessing the collapse of Pnakotus. As his Yithian friend prepares Jack to be returned to his time and body, with all memories of the prehistoric past erased, he tells him that he swapped minds with Jack's father just before he was conceived, granting Mr. Walters the psychic visions that helped and haunted him throughout his life. Basically, Jack is a Yith-Human hybrid because a time-traveling alien took over his father's body at the most compromising moment possible. It's a giant heap of nope stacked on an even bigger heap of nope.

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