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As a WMG subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

Jack isn't really dead.
  • At least, his mind isn't. Considering his half-Yithian powers, it's feasible that he might have just taken control of another body in secret. After all, he still needs to do something about the Flying Polyps. Even if he was truly suicidal, it's doubtful that Jack's Yithian father would have gone through the trouble of telling Jack about his true heritage and the threat to come only for his son to commit suicide. There must have been some sort of safeguard planted in Jack's mind tailored to this situation.

This game is a distant prequel to Quake
  • Dark Corners of the Earth is based on the Cthulhu Mythos, the original Quake features Lovecraftian creatures (including Shub-Niggurath), and both games are published/owned by Bethesda. Not to mention that the Yithian Lightning Cannon seems uncannily similar to the Thunderbolt from the latter game.

Jack Walters is actually a schizophrenic. the game is a mixture of reality and his delusion.
  • At least that's the realistic interpretation of the game. let's think about it.

According to COC DCOTE fandom wiki, young Jack was a victim of child abuse. his father was an alcoholic and often assaulted him. —-> It's not been fully identified what causes schizophrenia, but childhood trauma is suspected as one of the factors.


Jack eventually joins the police, period in 1915, he was called by them to investigate a cult house. Jack was born in 1890, according to fandom wiki, so he was 25 years old. —-> For men, Usually, schizophrenia symptoms generally start in the mid- to late 20s. Usually, at these ages they experience a big psychiatric episode for the first time.

In the basement of the cult house where the cultists conducted all sorts of strange experiments, Jack finds a large pit. According to Jack's comments, it looks like it's full of mercury. He is in the basement for a while, and he loses consciousness when he sees a huge, scary, and bizarre creature. When his fellow police officers rescue him, he is out of his mind. —-> A person with a tendency to schizophrenia + an enclosed space like a basement + high doses of mercury that threaten the brain, do the math.


"Jack was alive but something about him wasn't right. When he spoke, the police recoiled in fear as there was something unnatural about his words and blank gaze." —-> The schizophrenic typically looks like that. Their speech, posture, and behavior are unnatural, dull, and strange. and they have blank eyes (thousand-yard stare). It's not surprising that other people get chills.

He was diagnosed with severe schizophrenia at Arkham Asylum. —-> Yes, the doctor is right.

He is changed into a totally different person, period He has desires, interests, and intentions that are not his own, and performs strange radical activities like occult research and travel. —-> The former is completely true about some schizophrenics. The latter is the same, too. Both are quite common in the schizophrenic's psychiatric episodes.

He recovers suddenly. —-> Schizophrenia is a disorder that is not yet fully understood. These things often happen. Of course, in most cases, it is not a 'real cure'. That is probably just a big palliation. Minor symptoms can persist severe symptoms can recur at any time. This is what happened to Jack during the entire game.

"Return to normal life has been a painful process." —-> It is a process that all partially recovered schizophrenics go through.

He doesn't remember the past six years. —-> Jack's case may be a little exaggerated, but it's still quite common. Schizophrenia tends to impair memory and The sense of time. The same is true of some psychiatric drugs, and Electroconvulsive therapy has severe side effects on memory. Some schizophrenics don't remember what happems during psychiatric episodes. In Jack's case, mercury also causes memory damage.

He claims that he always had the ability to see through other people's eyes or think through other people's mind. —-> Early signs of schizophrenia can appear much earlier than The first big psychiatric episode. Also, these are not unusual as schizophrenic delusions.

His voice is an unnatural flat monotone. His expression of emotion is insufficient and unnatural. —-> Don't blame his voice actor. His voice actor gave an impassioned performance as a schizophrenic character. The schizophrenic typically have a slow down in speech and emotion.

Jack suffers from severe, chronic nightmares and insomnia. —-> It's not related to schizophrenia in itself, but it suggests mental problems. In fact, insomnia is a great soil and manure for all mental illness.

Jack experiences various hallucinations and flashbacks during the entire game. —-> Just daily life for the schizophrenic. He is back at work and is trying to act functionally. Like any other partially recovered schizophrenic, minor symptoms can persist.

"It's like someone's watching me all the time, tracking me from the rooftops and the shadows." —-> Paranoia is one of the common schizophrenia symptoms. Attack of the fishmen? The whole town trying to kill him? CIA conspiracy? Malicious ancient beings? It's getting worse. Again, severe symptoms can recur at any time, but the boundary between reality and delusion is unclear.

"The strain is certainly having an effect on my nerves. I'm beginning to hear and see things that can't possibly be real. ... the waking sounds and visions are getting worse all the time. ... I'm getting fleeting images of other things, too - they just seem to pop up from somewhere in my mind for no apparent reason. ..." —-> Jack's mental state slowly deteriorates throughout the game. if he's not simply experiencing a recurrence of serious symptoms, If the threat is partially real, this deterioration is probably caused by the secretion of cortisol hormones. (a stress hormone). This exacerbates the symptoms, so patients should avoid stressful situations. It can be difficult if you have the same a job like Jack's.

In the ending, Jack is institutionalized again and commits suicide there. —-> Yes, it often happens that schizophrenic people commit suicide.

I'm a schizophrenic, at least I interpreted this game like this. If Jack Walters is a schizophrenic too, I can explain what happened to him.

A more personal guess in my interpretation is about Jack's father. Assuming that most myths are his delusions (The marriage institution of The deep one and the human, institutional rapes of human women, humans who rely on wealth from deep ones. / evil father who gives birth to Jack through sexual intercourse with his mother, the being ('real father') who replaced him at that instant..., 'imaginary real father' who advises Jack throughout the game but does not help at the end. Jack committing suicide, just like his father did. ..etc), Jack was really hurt in a dysfunctional family. Perhaps this is the main factor of his schizophrenia...

Hydra and Dagon aren't dead.
They've both in critical condition, especially Hydra when her temple collapsed on top of her, but they, along with the Deep Ones, will return one day.