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Nightmare Fuel / Caliphate

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  • The Caliphate and the ISA are not good places to live. The former is an Taliban-like state with a culture police that enforces a misogynistic hell, whereas the latter is The Empire which repealed its constitution, has an autocratic President-for-Life and carries out all sorts of war crimes to fight terrorists. Even the American protagonists lament how their country isn't as free as it used to.
  • China having spies everywhere by means of mind-control devices in individuals piloted by remote agents is pure Paranoia Fuel. That Asian Hooker? Most definitely a Chinese spy, but it could have been anyone.....
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  • The Empire Rising document goes in detail how Buckman consolidated his power and the aftermath of his retaliation against the Islamic world. Its said that while millions have died in the initial nuclear attacks, many more died in the aftermath due to the radiation, water pollution, exposure and many other factors. When he begins his campaign of expansion over the American continent, the narration outright uses the term Anschluss.
  • The graphic description of crucifixions. Hans is even forced to participate in them as part of his janissary training.
  • Petra's rape by Fudail and his friends. Not only is she considered Defiled Forever when brought before the sharia court, she was just a little girl when it happens.
    (Petra's mind while she is raped) "It isn't me. It isn't me. It isn't me."
  • Her training as an houri is also very distressing to read. She initially protests having to endure such degradation, but then her training shows what happen to prostitutes that complain: they are placed on mind-control devices that reduce them to nothing more than sex toys to be enjoyed for cheap pleasure. They are so braindead that the devices need to instruct them how to eat to stay alive.
    She no longer knew how many men she had serviced since coming to the castle. It was over a thousand, certainly, even subtracting for repeat customers. She actually tried not to remember the numbers, or the acts. Though, of course, if she wanted to keep repeat customers, she did have to remember preferences. It was a difficult game of mental gymnastics.
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  • Unlike the ISA, South Africa is one of the few non-Muslim states to allow some citizens into their territory. Bongo shares this backstory about them:
    Bongo: There's a mosque over there. Pretty large one, actually. They call it the "Red Mosque". No, it isn't painted red and never has been. About forty years ago, a wild-eyed imam used to preach the jihad from its pulpit. Then one Friday, the Boers sent in ten thousand assegai-wielding Zulu. They killed every man, woman, and child in the place, then went on to kill every imam in Cape Town and their families, except for a very few the government took under its protection. After that, about fifty-thousand more of them were sold, some locally and some to the Caliphate, as slaves. Since then? Never a problem with the Moslems here. Never a peep, as a matter of fact. And some thousands of them drop Islam and become Christians every year. See, Baas De Wet, terror works."
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  • Its never specified how Israel adapted to the entire crisis, but Caruthers makes an throway comment how "they finally learned the lesson Himmler and Eichmman tried to teach" which carries all sorts of disturbing implications. And some earlier dialogue between Caliphate characters still implies that Israel was destroyed in the end, so the extermination may have been mutual.
  • The effects of the virus. It has the potential to horribly kill 97% of humanity and disfigure the rest 3%.
  • A Fridge Horror moment kicks in when you realize the Middle-East is home to an Christian minority such as Copts, Maronites and Assyrians. Buckman's nuclear assault didn't just kill millions of innocent Muslims, but also thousands of Christians too - the same kind of people that he claims to have protected. Not to mention how many historical ruins and monuments were destroyed during the attack. Or how many countless people died out of radiation fallout, disease, hunger caused by water contamination or how much the ecosystem was affected by it.

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