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Nightmare Fuel / Blake's 7

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"They butchered my family and my friends! They murdered my past and gave me tranquillised dreams!"
  • The Federation is so twisted and corrupt that they have no compunctions with implanting false memories of sexual abuse that never happened into the minds of several innocent children, just so they will have some credible witnesses with which they can smear Blake with false accusations of an utterly heinous crime that will ruin his reputation forever. Think about that for a moment; there are a number of children who will grow up with all the mental and emotional scarring that child abuse causes, and whose lives will doubtlessly be ruined, purely so the Federation can destroy one of their enemies.
  • Mutoids — people who have had their memories wiped and are now slaves in service of the military. They appear to have some ability to think independently, which somehow makes them even more horrifying. Also, the cap on their heads, which is presumably covering some sort of revolting-looking mess of machinery and brains.
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  • By the fourth season, the Federation has developed a drug that blocks the production of adrenaline, enabling them to take over entire worlds in weeks. By the penultimate episode, we're told this drug has been refined so it can be slipped into the water or dispersed through the air. We're then shown a secret resistance video from a Federation-occupied planet. People with zombie-like expressions and numerals stamped on their foreheads, moving listlessly up and down elevators while a soothing voice tells them, "You are cared for. You are loved." The voice continues even when the guards get bored and start shooting people for fun.
  • Avon stalking Vila with a gun, intending to kill him, in Orbit.

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