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Headscratchers / Blake's 7

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How do limiters work?

When Gan tries to shoot the guardian in "Time Squad" his limiter kicks in and he collapses; however, in "Space Fall" and "Cygnus Alpha" he threatens two people with grievous bodily harm and is absolutely fine. So does the limiter only act when there is genuine intent? If so, could Gan just shut his eyes and shoot, since he would be reasonably sure they'd survive (as opposed to 100% survival if he tries to shoot with a limiter)? Vila is squeamish about guns but positively trigger-happy on the weapons console; can Gan then fire on other ships?
  • The limiter supposedly only prevented an attempt to intentionally kill. Gan was perfectly capable of violence provided he was not trying to kill.
  • But in "Cygnus Alpha" there's a scene where Gan appears to be jamming a spear into someone lying on the floor! The lower part of the spear is off-screen though, so perhaps the spear was stuck in the floor and he was trying to pull it out, so he could use it to fend people off?

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