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Nightmare Fuel / Beavis and Butt-Head Do America

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Don't do drugs, kids.
  • The infamous hallucination trip scene is a deranged display of Nightmare Fuel. This includes, but isn't limited to, Butt-Head's skin melting off, demonic versions of the duo eating and deep-frying little monsters, and an undead version of the two literally headbanging their skin off. Considering this was Rob Zombie's contribution to the film, none of this should be surprising, but still, damn.
  • The video footage of the X-5 unit's test subjects. In order, we are shown: One subject vomiting repeatedly on the floor, the next writhing in pain, and the last subject already dead and having the covers pulled over his face by a person in a hazmat suit. One of the agents watching the video then runs off to vomit.
    • But there's more. According to agent Bork, the X-5 virus is the deadliest known to man, as it can wipe out five states in five days. And the worst part? The X-5 unit wasn't finished, as its biggest flaw is the casing. If the unit is hit hard enough, the unit would break open and release the virus. Cue the very next cut being Butt-Head kicking the unit sewn into Beavis's pants.
  • The opening sequence wherein a gigantic Butt-Head ravages through the city has traces of this, considering his intent with the screaming woman he abducts.
    • Gigantic Butt-Head becomes a bit of Mood Whiplash though, as the first words out of his mouth in this sequence are a chuckling "This is cool!" And what does he say to the screaming, terrified woman he grabs? "Uh... hey babeh... I'm like... pretty tall!"
  • Muddy Grimes is pretty damn creepy when he's enraged. He's definitely the Knight of Cerebus for the movie, big time.
    • Hell, he even manages to briefly scare both Beavis and Butthead into silence when he shoots the TV, considering how the two teens normally are, that's something.
  • Beavis's psychotic rampage after taking caffeine pills.
  • The fact that in the desert, Beavis and Butt-Head were on the brink of death from dehydration, collapsed and accepting their imminent death, being hungrily eyed by several vultures. Immediately becomes a funny moment when Beavis smacks one of them away, saying "Cut it out, butthole!"
  • The sheer amount of destruction and damage that the duo cause due to their usual antics, such as a major traffic accident and mass hysteria at Hoover Dam. And true to their character, they have no idea what they're even doing most of the time.

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