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Chloe Love is an actress struggling to find work, after starring as the heroine of a failed, low-budget horror series. Her last chance to land a role takes a turn for the strange, when the producer is possessed and tries to attack her. Rescued by the mysterious Kai Iod, Chloe learns that her potential as a Spirit Medium has made her a target for supernatural forces that escaped from Hades. Awakening her ability to channel spirits, Chloe becomes an agent of the organization "Arkham Bullet": The Ghost Reaper Girl!

A series by Akissa Saiké note  , the creator of Rosario + Vampire, Ghost Reaper Girl is a Reverse Harem/Magical Girl series borrowing heavily from the Cthulhu Mythos.

The series is licensed by Viz Media under their Shonen Jump imprint and can be read on Shueisha's Manga Plus.

It should also be noted that unlike most manga, the series reads left to right in overseas territories at Saiké's request.

This work contains examples of:

  • Action Girl: Chloe is actually far more capable than she looks, and takes quickly to her new role as a hunter. Her childhood spent living on the streets and taking roles involving dangerous stunts have given her the base skills needed to quickly rise in the ranks of Arkham Bullet's agents.
  • Cats Are Mean: Subverted. Noel's initial hostility and violence are the result of a Soul Predator's curse, and he becomes a devoted feline Familar once Chloe saves him.
  • Chained by Fashion: When possessed by Kai, Chloe's outfit includes several chains that are both decorative and offensive.
  • Chain Pain: Kai uses chains as his primary weapon, forming them from his own body.
  • Chivalrous Pervert: Kai is a self-described Lolicon and openly perverted, but also a heroic Reaper that will place himself into harm's way to protect Chloe or any innocents caught in the crossfire.
  • Creature-Hunter Organization: Arkham Bullet, an organization that manages the supernatural.
  • Cute Monster Girl: Chloe's transformations allow her to become one, while Shoggoth is a weaponized Zombie that looks like a cute girl.
  • Defeat Equals Friendship: Chloe has a knack for befriending the people she defeats in battle, earning their loyalty through her kindness. Noel, Dr. West, and Shoggoth are all won over to her side once she faces them and comes to understand their real desires.
  • Elegant Gothic Lolita: Shoggoth is styled to look like a literal doll, wearing elegant gothic dresses.
  • Fusion Dance: Chloe's ability as a Medium allows her Familiars to possess her, transforming her and granting her access to their unique powers. Kai grants her use of his weaponry, while Noel grants her a feline form.
  • Killer Rabbit: Shoggoth the Killer Doll, a sweet-looking girl that is actually a reanimated corpse with swords for arms.
  • Mad Scientist: Dr. West, another agent that specializes in reanimating the dead.
  • Market-Based Title: In Japan, Italy and France, the series note  is called Ghost Girl while in English, the title is Ghost Reaper Girl.
  • Older Than She Looks: Much to the delight of Kai, Chloe is 28, but looks significantly younger.
  • Red Baron: Several characters earn titles related to their exploits.
    • "Killer Doll" Shoggoth, the doll-like zombie that is Dr. West's strongest fighter.
    • Kai is known as "The Disaster", though the reason for this remains unrevealed.
    • Nyarlathotep, "The Chaos".