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Nightmare Fuel / Alien³

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Don't move a muscle...
  • There's an abandoned script where Ripley finds a bunch of prisoners in cocoons... in the process of being violently transformed into Aliens.
  • Newt's death pose in the EEV (in the Assembly Cut). Made worse by the fact she is shown with no photo and labeled as an Unknown Survivor in the data info of the four survivors from Aliens.
  • Hicks, or at least what remains of him. While not clearly shown on-screen, what little is provided along with photos of the dummy used show that his head was so thoroughly crushed that it's practically mush.
  • The entire mood and setting for the film is rather disconcerting, if not downright depressing considering Ripley is alone once again, having suffered a tremendous loss. This time, however, having descended to an even more hostile environment with dangerous convicts with gruesome histories. The Xenomorph, this time bursting from an animal, is cunning and much more bestial, all the meanwhile resembling a demon in comparison the previous aliens in the series. Defenseless and scared, the prisoners slowly lose faith in their precious religious beliefs in a situation that makes no sense to any individual. Add into it the mournful soundtrack, and you finally get to understand the gravity of the drama and aesthetic of Fiorina 161: It's hell. The Gehenna of space in which there is nowhere to escape to, dying surely in complete despair. Then Ripley finds out some tragic news...
    • In fact, Ripley's fate is all sorts of nightmare fuel compounded on top of each other. First off, the fact that she is revealed to have a creature inside her is a call-back to the nightmare sequence of the second movie, meaning that ultimately, Ripley's worst fear has finally come true, and there is nothing she can do about it aside from wait for the inevitable.
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    • But then comes the finale, where Weyland-Yutani has come and she can be saved, right? Not to mention the guy who looks just like her friend, Bishop, is promising her that the creature will be destroyed. Needless to say, she doesn't believe him and sacrifices herself, dropping into the molten lead just as the chestburster tears through her chest. However, another point, is shown in an almost tender moment as Ripley seems to hug and cuddle the horrid creature close to her as she plummets to her doom. Think about this...Ripley's life has been haunted by the xenos for a long time now, and by the time of her death, these creatures, with all their brutality and murderous ways, make more sense to her than humanity's treacherous nature itself does. In fact, she says it best in Aliens...
      Ripley: You know, Burke, I don't know which species is worse. You don't see them fucking each other over for a goddamn percentage.
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  • Drowning The Dragon (the Xeno) in Molten-Lead is a pretty daring and smart plan... If not for the fact that it's exoskeleton is so horrifyingly tough it survives the atomizing heat and bursts from metallic deluge like a gleaming demonic shark, so enraged by the maddening pain that it charges Ripley with every-intent to tear her and the Queen inside her to pieces to avenge this painful insult.
  • The 20th Century Fox logo stalls a few notes before the end with chilling results.


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