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  • Ripley's perfect comeback:
    Dillon: You don't wanna know me, lady. I'm a murderer and rapist of women.
    Ripley: Really? (beat) Well, I guess I must make you nervous.
  • Bishop's first line when Ripley turns him back on?
    "I like your new haircut"
    • When she asks him how he feels, he replies "my legs hurt". At this point he's missing both his legs.
  • Aaron is trying to tell Ripley that they haven't got any weapons.
    Ripley: Torches? Do we have the capacity to make fire? Most humans have enjoyed that privilege since the Stone Age.
    Aaron: No need to be sarcastic.
  • After Andrews is pulled up into an air vent and killed, for someone reason at least one prisoner thinks it's important to mop the area where he was killed. Even better is how he keeps looking up at the vent, expecting the alien to come down and kill him too, but keeps on mopping. Then there's Morse's Precision F-Strike: "FUCK."

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