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  • Dillon's Dying Moment of Awesome, taunting the Alien all the while that it isn't fighting him hard enough: "C'mon! Is that hard as you fight? Come on, motherfucker!"
    • "Fuck You!!!"
  • Ripley committing suicide so that Weyland-Yutani can't get their hands on the Alien, essentially giving them the finger in doing so.
    • Even better. It bursts out of her chest while she's falling, so she grabs it and holds it to her as she falls into the incinerator.
  • Dillon's speech to the other convicts about how they're all going to die sometime, but they can either go out on their knees whimpering, or on their feet, fighting.
    • What makes this moment so awe-inspiring is how Dillon manages to rally the other prisoners to fight for a common goal and risk their lives despite the prison population basically being described as rapists, murderers, and child rapists, essentially the dregs of human scoiety and the worst parts of humanity, all showing valor and bravery in the face of a monster that wants them all dead.
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    • Also Dillon's Big Damn Heroes moment when he rescues Ripley from attempted gang rape—and beats the everloving hell out of the cons responsible.
      • Only a mild beating. You know, breaking some bones, rupturing some tendons. Some religious re-education.
  • Aaron attacking Bishop with a pipe to the head, after one of Bishop's men shot Morse, finally standing up to Weyland-Yutani after being a submissive slave all this time.
  • In the Assembly Cut, Ripley's first plan against the creature did work, they actually got the creature trapped.
  • So, About that unused script William Gibson did for the film...

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