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Teenagers in Tokyo (aka Teenagersintokyo and teenagersintokyo, probably because of the unfortunate acronym possibility) is a self-described "Dark Pop" band from Sydney, Australia: their music isn't quite danceable enough to qualify as Dark Wave, but it's also slightly more electronic and catchy than traditional Goth Rock. They are signed to the independent record label Back Yard Recordings.

They have released one EP, Teenagersintokyo (2008), and one album, Sacrifice (2010).



  • Concept Video: They've made several. The official video for "Sacrifice" is entirely this, without any images of the band at all. "Peter Pan" features shots of the band intercut with a story about a young boy running away from home and as his survival becomes more difficult, the band members realize that blood is dripping all over their instruments.
  • Intercourse with You: "Robocat" describes a very violent and unloving sexual encounter, which possibly takes place with a robotic lesbian Catgirl. It's followed immediately on the album by the much sweeter song "3046," which is similarly inspired by Science Fiction themes but takes a much more romantic tone, with lyrics like "I lie in wait for you / In the mood for love."
  • Lingerie Scene: Samantha Lim gets one in the official music video for "New Day." It's justified by multiple lyrics about waking up alone and "rising out of slumber." (But the lyrics don't mention anything about waking up on a mattress which is floating in the middle of a pond.)
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  • Obligatory Bondage Song: The lyrics of "Sacrifice" suggest that it might be one of these, but the violence in the Concept Video mentioned above is decidedly unsexy.