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No Devotion is an Alternative Rock Supergroup formed in 2014 by Geoff Rickly of Thursday and five of the six former members of Lostprophets (guitarists Lee Gaze and Mike Lewis, bassist Stuart Richardson, keyboardist Jamie Oliver and drummer Luke Johnson). After the catastrophic end of Lostprophets due to their singer's imprisonment for disturbing acts against children, the other members came together under a new name and recruited Rickly as their new singer. The band has released two singles, "Stay" note  and "10,000 Summers" in 2014, (the former reaching #47 in the UK) and their acclaimed debut album Permanence in 2015 through Rickly's own label Collect Records.

Prior to the album's completion, Johnson departed the band due to personal reasons. The band has not had a permanent drummer since then, choosing instead to hire Phillip Jenkins (formerly of Welsh rock band Kids In Glass Houses) for live shows.

A week after Permanence was released, Collect Records went into liquidation due to it being partly owned and funded by Martin Shkreli. This meant that the album went out of print and was pulled from all digital service providers.

In summer of 2016, they won for a Kerrang! award for Best New Album against the likes of Asking Alexandria and Iron Maiden.

After a hiatus due to Thursday's reunion (which Richardson also took part in as the band's touring bassist) the band started recording a new album in 2019, revealing that Jamie had decided to leave in the interim and that Mike was absent from the sessions but still considered a member.

In 2022, the band signed a deal with Velocity Records and reissued their debut album on the label. They also announced that their second album would be coming later that year and that the band would resume touring. It was also implied that Mike Lewis had permanently left the band as only Rickly, Richardson and Gaze were listed as full-time members. Gaze stated shortly afterwards on his personal social media that a third album was already in the works.

This band provides examples of the following tropes:

  • Darker and Edgier: According to Richardson, the band's second album is this compared to the first one.
  • Instrumentals: "Death Rattle". Rickly decided not to contribute to the song, as he felt the track was supposed to express emotions the other members had after the split of their previous group.
  • Lighter and Softer:
    • No Devotion's atmospheric style is far lighter than the Post-Hardcore of Thursday or the Alternative Metal of the Lostprophets.
    • That being said, Thursday's last album before their breakup, somewhat similarly titled No Devolución was already more atmospheric than the previous work and can essentially be counted as a bridge between Thursday and No Devotion.
  • New Sound Album: The upcoming second album is apparently more electronic sounding than the first one, as well as being darker.
  • Supergroup: As mentioned above, the band was formed by instrumentalists from Lostprophets and the vocalist of Thursday. Richardson has become the touring bassist of Thursday as well since No Devotion's inception. The band's live drummer Phillip Jenkins was the drummer of Welsh rock band Kids In Glass Houses.
  • That Man Is Dead: They refuse to play any of the Lostprophets' songs, despite occasional urging. Lee has spoken about his experiences with diehard Lostprophets fans in the interim of the two bands.
  • True Companions:
    • The guys from Lostprophets. The fact that they managed to put their old band's fall behind them and form a new one together says something about the bond between them. Richardson has even stated that he would like to write music with Johnson again some day, despite Johnson leaving the band early on.
    • Richardson has said that Rickly has become one to him in the years since forming No Devotion.