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Due to a rich and active fandom, Ward has a small but growing number of memes associated with it, both as part of the story, and as part of the story discussion. Please include citation and links where possible. Unmarked spoilers below. This intro is taken directly from the Worm Memes page.

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     General Memes 

  • Mlekk, until Wildbow had them banned from PHO in response to their becoming an Ensemble Dark Horse.
  • People talking about the hypothetical arc Hlare. Explanation 
  • Why doesn't Victoria eat egg? Explanation 
    • Heavens 12.4 added fuel to the fire with the reveal of Cradle's "egg", and Victoria's subsequent plan to deal with it: using Rain's emotion power to "boil" it, affecting Cradle while inside, but leaving the "shell" intact. Some commentators have joked that her hatred of eggs would lead the heroes to victory.
    • One of the mercenaries guarding Cradle's stronghold in Heavens 12.6 takes it upon himself to learn dirty words in Chinese from another mercenary, all while Victoria and Rain are secretly hiding nearby and listening to the whole conversation. In a Bilingual Bonus, it turns out the literal translations for some of the curses have something to do with eggs.
    • Black 13.10 introduces Egg, a case 53 that is literally a human egg, with eggshell skin and yolk innards. Not only is he a major asshole who is needlessly antagonistic to Sveta, but it also turns out that a miscommunication between Sveta and him was the source of the Irregulars' hate towards her.
    • Acknowledged again in-canon in Sundown 17.2, when Carol makes breakfast sandwiches for herself, Crystal, and Victoria. Knowing Victoria's preferences, she leaves the egg off of Vicky's sandwich.
    • Again in Infrared 19.7, when they're looking at the memories their shards have recorded from them; while they're focused on the area for frustrations or annoyances, Victoria's includes racist graffiti, a man taking up three seats on a bus, and an egg sandwich.
    • Finally in Last 20.e5 a Stealth Pun perhaps indicating that (in fitting with the theme of recovery) Victoria has come to terms with eggs: she makes plans with Annelace to watch a parahumans-verse Disney version of the Grimm's fairy tale Fitcher's Bird, which involves an egg (and appropriately, body horror).
  • Being Rain is Suffering. Explanation 
    • Even the other characters eventually begin to notice this and comment on it.
    Victoria: Poor Rain.
    Victoria, one chapter later: Rain had taken a bit of a beating, but that was usual.
  • Everything is a Camera. Explanation 
    • Kamikenzied. Explanation (Pitch 6. 3 Spoilers) 
  • Kenzie Smiles Explanation (Interlude 7.x Spoilers) 
  • Fucking Why? Explanation 
  • Aaaaa Explanation 
  • Goddess is the protagonist. Explanation (Gleaming Spoilers) 
  • Victoria Dallon: Fashion Police. Explanation 
  • Ward is an Anime Explanation 
    • Goddess the Isekai Protagonist Explanation 
    • Aiden the Harem Protagonist Explanation 
    • Victoria the Stand User Explanation 
    • The hero team Super Magic Dream Parade literally acts like they're a group of Sentai anime superheroes, complete with over the top declarations, calling attacks, and ridiculous costumes.
  • Fuck March. Explanation 
  • Cradle is Caillou. Explanation (Heavens 12.f spoilers) 
  • Blingalingadingding Explanation 
  • Thirstoria Explanation 
  • It's handled Explanation (Arc 14 spoilers) 
  • YEET (Or, Victoria's about to end this woman's whole career) Explanation 
  • Amy's Vicotine patch Explanation 
  • Defiant has entered Dad-Mode. Explanation 
  • Victoria the parahuman supremacist. Explanation 
  • Waste-chan Explanation 
  • Halping! Explanation 
  • Victoria/Waste OTP vs. Victoria/Gun OTP vs. Victoria/Waste/Gun OT3. Explanation 
  • Thicctoria Explanation 

     Kenzie Facts 

  • When Kenzie needed an instruction manual for her powers, she happened upon 1984. She hasn’t looked back since.

  • Kenzie sees you when you’re sleeping, and retroactively when you’re awake. She knows where (but not when) you’ve been bad or good, so be good for Looksee’s sake.

  • Everyone said cameras made horrible weapons. Kenzie replied by sniping them with makeshift meteors.

  • It doesn’t matter what it does. If Kenzie says it’s a camera, then it’s a camera. Unless it tells time.

  • If you can see Kenzie, she can see you, and what you’re looking at is probably a hologram.

  • When Kenzie needed a place to stay, she blackmailed a pair of sociopaths who already had a grudge against her. When they tried to poison her, she was more mad about the embarrassment in front of her friend than the attempted murder.

  • Kenzie’s devices come in two types: the ones that she kicks when they stop working, and the ones where a single glitch will stab her friend in the pupil. Only she can tell the difference.

  • Kenzie's best friend has had more lives than Kenzie has had foster parents.

  • In a completely predictable turn of events, the paparazzi Tinker has an excellent sense of fashion.

  • Once a group of men set their eyes upon a helpless little girl. Unfortunately for them, that little girl was Kenzie, and said eyes stopped working shortly after.

  • Kenzie had a crush on a psychopathic serial murderer three times her age, he told her she was too much for him.

  • After her heartbreak she rebounded in a love triangle involving her, the alien progeny of Skitter (see her facts in Worm memes) and a coldblooded killer that can make you feel everyone's pain. So far, all three of them have lost limbs and its only starting.

  • One of Kenzie's many delayed projects is creating life (see 7.10), she'll get to it after her team finishes setting up a police state where criminals are sent to deserted earths.

  • Kenzie is really, really good at making friends online. Until she deletes them.

  • Kenzie’s friends include a reincarnated serial murderer (who is also her mother/older sister figure), a traitorous ex-cultist mass murderer, a girl with *breathtaking* body image issues, two siblings who perpetually threaten each other with mutilation, a former heroine with an eldritch horror as skin and a shapeshifting monstrosity created by the worst mad scientist of their earth (also her crush); out of all of those, the nervous little girl with attachment issues is the one to be afraid of.
  • “Hope Kenzie doesn’t see X” is a bad strategy for just about any X. note