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Trivia / Ward

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  • Ascended Meme: In one arc, Victoria grabs a minor villain named Etna and throws her into a hill, hard, during a fight. Etna is afterward revealed to have retired from villainy and started working with the heroes, leading to jokes that Victoria threw her so hard it turned her good. In the epilogue, Victoria receives an e-mail from Etna jokingly asking if Victoria could throw another villain through a hill and turn them good as well.
  • I Knew It!:
    • After Glow-worm 0.3 came out, fans quickly deduced that the viewpoint character was one of the Damsel Of Distress clones.
    • Fans also figured out that Chris is Lab Rat's clone long before it was revealed.
    • Contessa's shard being a shard from the third entity (aka "Abaddon") was an extremely common theory, before it was confirmed late in Ward.
  • Tuckerization: Several of the PHO users that appear in Glow-worm are based on real fans and posters in the Parahumans fandom, most notably Nakyak, which is Kyakan spelled backwards. Kyakan is a respected figure in the fandom notable for his vast and accurate knowledge of both Worm and Ward, and his ability to quickly find sources for obscure trivia and WOGs.
  • What Could Have Been: Several characters had been considered for a protagonist before Victoria, including: