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It was a second chance for humanity as a whole, and they’d gone and screwed it up from the start by coloring the city gold, of all colors.
Victoria, Daybreak 1.1

I stopped in front of another piece of graffiti. It wasn’t crowded in with anything else, so it stood out, almost a piece of art in how it was spelled out on a ruined wall, half-toppled.


I had the paper in my hand, I had my doubts, but the nagging feeling ceased being nagging and became acutely clear as I looked at the statement.

“Fuck that,” I said.
Victoria, Flare 2.7

She killed people. She hurt people. She may have played a part in a war over the city. She threatened innocents with bugs and choked more than one person to death or nearly to death by shoving spiders and centipedes down their throats. She killed Alexandria at a time when we needed Alexandria most. She consorted with rapists, terrorists, and monsters. [...] But listen to me. Because you made the choices and you carried on when you could’ve stopped and you spat on her and I’m not ignoring that. I’ve been holding back so I can get to it now. [...] She was all of those things and she might have still been a better person than you
Victoria (via text, to Madison about Taylor), Glow-worm 0.9

“You do not want a war with Gimel. We have so very little to lose, and I can tell you, I know this very well. We have some very awful people at our disposal. You can threaten bombs and armies. We can threaten nightmares come to life and life turned to nightmares.”
Sierra Kiley giving a Badass Boast, Flare – Interlude 2

I hated the Wretch, in that same way. I hated the blood spots I could see where fingers had dug in, the guy now on his knees, fingers at his chest with blood seeping between them. I hated the scratches on Moose’s face.
I hated the ones with broken hands, arms, and legs, the ones who were lying on the ground screaming. I hated that when I’d had the ability to be gentle, I hadn’t been, and now that I wanted to be gentle, I couldn’t.
Victoria, Pitch 6.4

“If Death comes for me I’ll shred him with my power. I beat him once, and I hardly expect to kneel before him now.”
Ashley, Torch 7.3

"Hit like Glory Girl, hold nothing back as the Wretch, judge like the Warrior Monk, problem solve as the Scholar, and don’t lose sight of who you fucking are, because that’s a metric shitton to keep track of, Victoria Dallon."
Victoria's internal monologue, Gleaming 9.12