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Manga / Otomeiro Stay Tune

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Hinako Amari is a famous radio host and a notorious skirt chaser. However, recently, she has been keeping unusually chaste, and the reason seems to be her new radio host partner, Arise Tsukishiro, with whom she collaborates on a Girls' Love Radio Drama. Arise is young, brilliant, and hopelessly in love with Hinako. Yet Hinako, to the astonishment of her friends and exes, is in no hurry to jump her bones, despite obviously caring for her...

Otomeiro Stay Tune (also shortened to Stay Tune) is an early Girls' Love manga by Miyabi Fujieda that has been on Series Hiatus since summer 2008. It is apparently set in Fujiedaverse, just like the author's many other works, e.g. Iono the Fanatics. In the Chatting at the Amber Teahouse volume 1 extras, Fujieda explained that he only started Stay Tune as a side project to draw in his spare time, which explains the long hiatus.


The manga contains examples of following tropes: