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Manga / Chatting at the Amber Teahouse

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Chatting at the Amber Teahouse (Ame-iro Kouchakan Kandan) is a Yuri Genre manga by Miyabi Fujieda. It started off as a one-shot in the second volume of Eternal Sisters but continued to be serialized quarterly in Yuri Hime, concluding after fifteen chapters in 2012. Like Fujieda's other works in the genre, it's completely devoid of Gayngst and almost completely consists of Squee-inducing scenes.

Seriho had a dream of running a successful tea house. Luckily for her, she won a fair amount in the lottery and got enough to start up the Amber Teahouse. Unfortunately for her, she gets no customers... that is until a high school girl named Sarasa shows up.

Sarasa finds herself enamored with Seriho, and constantly gets teased by her friends about it. She notices that Seriho often is overworked running the tea house by herself, so Sarasa works up the nerve to ask Seriho for a job there, which Seriho gladly accepts.

Still... the tea house doesn't have enough customers to be profitable, so the question remains on how to make the place successful before all the funds run out.

Troping at the Amber Teahouse:

  • Declaration of Protection: Sarasa to Seriho. Sarasa constantly worries when they're separated by a Class Trip, and even changes her career path in order to help out more with the teahouse.

Alternative Title(s): Ame Iro Kouchakan Kandan