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This index is about ball tropes — traits temporarily imposed on an arbitrary character for narrative purposes — "The Plot needed someone to be a Hero in this scene". While this does help move the plot forward, it runs the risk of feeling rather contrived.

  • Advantage Ball: At least temporarily, one side holds total advantage.
  • Conflict Ball: Character(s) starts a sudden conflict for the sake of the plot.
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  • Distress Ball: Character is in a dire situation because they made a poor, easily-avoidable choice.
  • Hero Ball: The hero, specifically, has a lapse in good judgement and makes a dumb decision.
  • Idiot Ball: For plot purposes, a character suddenly becomes quite dumb.
  • Jerkass Ball: Normally-nice character(s) suddenly becomes a jerk for the plot.
  • Kindness Ball: Normally-mean character(s) suddenly becomes nice for the plot.
  • Sanity Ball: Characters take turns being the Only Sane Man.
  • Smart Ball: A moment of great but uncharacteristic genius from a typically dumb character, for the plot.
  • Snark Ball: When their stupidity isn't relevant, dumb characters become DeadpanSnarkers.
  • Strawman Ball: To tackle a controversial subject, one or more characters hold the "right" opinion, while others get this and hold onto the "wrong" opinion, regardless of whether it seems fitting for them or not.
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  • Villain Ball: Villain(s) makes a stupid decision just to be more evil.


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