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Literature / The Mystery Sphere

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"This woman,” asked The Sphere, “Was she truly unbelievably beautiful as you say?"
"As unbelievable as a madman’s delusions."
"Was she beautiful to you then?"
"I’m a madman. I delude myself"
"You delude yourself that you are a madman. In any case, continue."
Ryney and The Sphere set the tone for the series.

The Mystery Sphere is a Web Serial Novel about Ryney, a Pirate with poison running through his veins, who is accused of stealing a nobleman's dragon. The story is also a Fair-Play Whodunnit, but done in a fantasy setting. Word Of God says that A Wizard Did It will not be used. It has an interactive componentthat makes sense in-universe that allows readers to suggest what the detective will do.


Surprisingly entertaining with a quirky plot and a non-orthodox Great Detective. It can best be described as Homestuck meets Sherlock Holmes. It can be read here.

This series provides examples of: