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Literature / Shambling Towards Hiroshima

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Shambling Towards Hiroshima is a book by James Morrow that is a parody/homage/Deconstruction of Kaiju films (especially Godzilla), Old B-Movies and the Nuclear Bomb.

The basic premise is that a B-movie actor named Syms Thorley is writing what is either a suicide note or a memoir in Reagan-era Baltimore. In it he reveals the truth behind "Project Knickerbocker", the Navy's plan to end WWII in the Pacific by breeding giant fire-breathing reptiles and unleashing them upon Japan. Not wanting to use such a horrible weapon that would kill so many civilians, it was decided to do a "demonstration" by having a smaller, man-sized monsters ruin a model city in front of a Japanese delegation. Only problem: the man-sized reptiles are docile, so a man in a rubber suit is needed. That man is Syms Thorley. Shambling Towards Hiroshima is his story.


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