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An Alternate History work by MegaToon1234 on, Nintendo’s New Groove is a pop culture timeline that focuses on Nintendo with one significant change, a change that promises to not only impact the landscape of gaming, but all of pop culture and beyond.

Somewhere, in the early 1980s, Atari and Nintendo had plans for releasing the Famicom outside of Japan. But due to some unfortunate setbacks such as The Great Video Game Crashof 1983, something involving Coleco showing a demonstration of a prototype of Donkey Kong for its forthcoming Coleco Adam home computer system in the CES, and a failed contract, things fell apart, but luckily for Nintendo, they managed to release the Famicom outside of Japan in 1985, and it was named the “Nintendo Entertainment System”. Because of that, the world wasn’t the same thanks to the release of the NES.


But however, what if Atari and Nintendo actually managed to release the Famicom outside of Japan?

Well, enter the world where the Great Video Game Crash of 1983 never happened, Nintendo at its very best, lesser-known games such as Crystal Castles and Ristar become big-name franchises, and all other details that happen throughout this timeline!

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Tropes Impacted by the Timeline