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Literature / Narcissism And Power

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Meet Eira Snowstar
Another of the various works from Anthologies of Ullord, Narcissism and Power delves into the lives of some of the clergy of Ullord.

Mara, goddess of life and death is one of the thirteen gods of Ullord. Clerics from a temple dedicated to her worship located in the town of Myrefall have received a letter speaking of many acts of blasphemy against her and her domain, including grave robbing and outright necromantic magics. Three experienced clerics and two finishing their training have been sent out to investigate these claims.

  • Badass Preacher The Clergy of Mara are typically feared as much for their deity of choice (the Goddess of Death) as their reputation as combatants.
  • Badass Teacher Of a sort. Nasius, Saevel, and Isaura aren’t quite your typical educators, but they are there to teach and train the two younger clerics during their duties.
  • Celibate Hero See the Everybody Hates Hades entry for complete background.
  • Chaste Hero Once again, see Everybody Hates Hades below.
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  • Don't Fear the Reaper More a trope related to the Goddess of Life and Death, Mara, than any character directly present in the story, but nevertheless.
  • Everybody Hates Hades Mara is one of the various deities that govern Ullord and its inhabitants, but usually, the general public is terrified by her and her followers. Many believe incorrect things about her clergy such as all of her followers having the ability to kill with physical contact. That combined with their intense martial prowess and them fighting the terrifying undead creatures of the world gives a pervasive negative reputation. This is also why many Mara clerics feel isolated and why they tend to be either a Chaste Hero being oblivious to love and romance, a Celibate Hero who is more dedicated to their clergyhood or they only become romantically involved with other Mara clergy. See Not Blood Siblings below for further explanation.
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  • Looks Worth Killing For The antagonist’s entire plot and motivation.
  • Love Triangle
    • There are a few of different flavors. Including...
Nasius, Isaura, Saevel where Nasius sort of likes Isaura, Isaura likes Nasius and Saevel likes Isaura.

Nasius, Ariana (his girlfriend from years before) and Isaura since Nasius still carries a flame for Ariana and Isaura has been smitten with Nasius for years.

Nasius and Ariana who loved one another and Saevel who was also in love with Ariana

  • Not Blood Siblings Some Mara clergy are perfectly alright with this viewpoint. They are raised alongside older clerics' children and the children left at the temple as a safe haven. Others find the idea off-putting and gross.
  • Plenty of Blondes Eira, Saevel, Raguel and Emer.
  • Religion Is Magic
  • The Dark Arts Necromancy is just one of them.
  • The Unfettered Mara clerics in general. They have a task. And person feelings do not deter them from their dogma.
  • Vain Sorceress Again, the antagonist.


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    Nasius Sh’Mara
Nasius Sh’Mara

    Isaura Sh’Mara
Isaura Sh’Mara
  • Anger Born of Worry How she reacts to the kids behaving foolishly.
  • Anti-Magic She creates spell tags that can protect the wielder/wearer from magic.
  • Shields are Useless Subverted. She uses her shield throughout the story. She also takes the lead ahead of the physical combatants because of her shield.
  • Vancian Magic With her magical spell tags...there are a limited number of them.

    Saevel Sh’Mara
Saevel Sh’Mara

    Raguel Sh’Mara
Raguel Sh’Mara

    Emer Sh’Mara
Emer Sh’Mara

    Eira Snowstar
Ullord's least attractive Priti cleric

    Tova Sh’Mara
She is a good doggo.

Celeste Winterheart

Giada Tanner

Lazamyth Dark

Manar Cloudscape


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