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Literature / Nation of the Third Eye

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The 2014 novel Nation of the Third Eye by K.K. Savage combines science fiction and metaphysics.

Set in the year 2177, the protagonist Jac McKay is an Astro Police Captain who lives on the dwarf planet Ceres. It has become the main hub of the space mining activities in the asteroid belt. When Jac unexpectedly opens his Third Eye and starts remembering his past lives on Earth, he becomes the target of an unknown power.

As Jac McKay and his friends travel across The Solar System and "beyond", they begin to uncover age-old mysteries and cannot help but wonder:

How deep does this rabbit hole really go?

Provides examples of:

  • Akashic Records: Are accessed when the protagonists astral travel to the Hall of Records, so as to remember certain past-life events.
  • Asteroid Miners: Are protected by the Astro Police Department.
  • Big Bad: Transformed humans and reptiles from a higher dimension. Can switch between the astral and the physical worlds, feed upon the energy of human anguish and try to stay unnoticed.
  • Colonized Solar System: The setting of the novel.
    • The city of New L.A. is a high-tech mecca and the largest settlement on The Moon.
    • 22nd century Mars is a poor and thinly populated planet. One of the main characters is from the Red Colony on Mars, which was founded by Russians. There are also monasteries in remote locations on Mars.
    • The book starts in the orbit of Mimas, one of Saturn's mid-sized moons.
  • Cool Starship: The enormous Black Ship. It can switch between physicality and the astral world at will. Also, it is the most powerful ship in the Solar System and hosts the Grand Temple - a room that is over 2 miles high.
  • EMP: The mysterious enemy is using EMP to disable the digital systems on spaceships. Good thing those also have emergency analog systems that can withstand EMP and solar storms.
  • Layered World: There are seven different dimensions. Some of these are physical, while others are astral.
  • Reincarnation: The protagonist begins having memories of past lives.
  • Shining City: There is a shining astral city located literally on the sun's surface. It is populated by highly evolved beings and changes shape all the time.
  • Space Police: Two of the main protagonists initially work in the Astro Police Department that operates from the dwarf planet Ceres in the asteroid belt. The space mining activities in that area often involve sabotage or even deadly attacks by rival companies.
  • Space Opera: Mostly confined to the Solar System, but there are visitors from elsewhere.
  • Spirit World: Accessed through a form of Astral Projection.
  • Spirit Advisor: Who lives in the Spirit World, which is more commonly known as the Astral Plane.
  • Succubi and Incubi: Succubus-like beings attack and drain the main female character. One of them kills the main protagonist through sexual intercourse in a past-life.
  • Third Eye: As the title of the book suggests, the Third Eye plays an important role.