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Literature / The Hexbreaker

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Mood Whiplash now in book cover form.
The Hexbreaker is one of the stories of Anthologies of Ullord by Nikki Flynn and Edwin Dantes. It is one of the Journeying Bard works that follows Yurius, Denorei, Ariana and Kroedin. The story includes the events of a single evening for the party and thieves that were stalking them during their journey through a forest. The Hexbreaker acts as a tie in between the characters in the Journeying Bard works, the sama, the Oberoni wetlands and the Myrefall works.

Tropes found in The Hexbreaker:

  • Chekhov's Gun: Yurius' sword is brought up in a flashback to shortly after he and Denorei began dating.
  • The Dark Arts: The story includes hexing powder as well as necromancy. Hexing powder is common enough in the world that people know what it is and its effects, but it is still treated as the dark arts. Necromancy, on the other hand, has an entire church of a god against it.
  • Happy Flashback: It breaks up the main story.
  • MacGuffin Title: The Hexbreaker.
  • Mood Dissonance: This was done intentionally with happy beautiful flashbacks versus the dark and creepy current situation. The purpose of this is to show Yurius as the sweet, loving, gentle person he is in his day to day life versus how he behaves during the modern events of the story.
  • Necromancer: The swamp elf family act as them. They also play around with other dark and creepy magics.

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