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Jack Bauer Interrogation Technique / Webcomics

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  • Sluggy Freelance:
    • Parodied in this comic, in a direct reference to 24.
    • Parodied when Crushestro's wife, Chestro, finds him with his girlfriend, Monicruel. Chestro brandishes a golf club at Monicruel and says that they're going to find out if Monicruel really didn't know Crushestro was married...and then she hands Monicruel the golf club, and she starts beating Crushestro with it.
      Monicruel: Stupid...lying...tubby...freaking...
      Chestro: [to minions] She was, like, totally telling the truth.
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  • Used in this Exterminatus Nowstrip. And a few after it.
  • Sociopathic Hero Ken of No Need for Bushido favors this interrogation technique above all others, as seen here
  • Lampshaded in this The Non-Adventures of Wonderella comic where the torturee (in this case an innocent guy Wonderella's dangling off a building) points out that this kind of interrogation never works for the above mentioned reason of him just telling his torturer what she wants to hear...then when she asks him what she wants to hear, he gives her a pep talk that moves her to tears.
  • Kore in Goblins employs a variation on this trope, when one of the goblins he's hunting decides to pull a heroic last stand, distracting Kore while the rest of them flee to safety. In this case, the goal of the torture isn't to get information from the victim, but to make him scream so loudly that his comrades stop trying to flee and come to his assistance.
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  • Referenced in xkcd; whatever a crypto nerd might have on their computer, this trope can bypass it.
  • Near the end The Last Days of FOXHOUND, Ocelot is left with Baker and told to get the Metal Gear codes out of him. Baker, unusually, squeals even before the torture begins, but Ocelot shrugs Baker's words off, even though he knows he's likely telling the truth, commenting that first he is going to make sure Baker is unable to strain his mind through the pain to make the effort to lie.
  • Used by Gertrude in The KA Mics.


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