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Newspaper Comics
  • In Conchy, Bug used to be a cannibal, but has now become a vegetarian. Not everyone on the island is convinced.

Professional Wrestling

  • CRUSH had "Annabelle the Cannibal"
  • During her TNA run, Winter entertained the idea of draining Mickie James of all her blood and then eating her bones after the rest of her body rotted away. Angelina Love was too heavily drugged to comment.
  • Kris Wolf of Wonder Ring STARDOM is apologetic about her desire to eat humans(is that so wrong?) and tendency to claw and bite at her opponents during matches.
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  • In one promo video of his for Progress Wrestling, Jimmy Havoc is seen cannibalising a body, in gruesome detail.


  • In Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, the murder victims are baked in meat pies, which become very popular among the unsuspecting populace.
  • Even William Shakespeare uses this one. In Titus Andronicus, Titus' daughter Lavinia is raped by Chiron and Demetrius, with their mother's help. To get revenge, Titus kills the two brothers, bakes them into a pie, and feeds them to their unwitting mother. This is based on the Thyestes and Philomela myths mentioned above.
    • In the 1999 film adaptation, Titus was played by Anthony Hopkins, which makes it even better.
    • When they visit Titus, Tamora introduces herself as "Revenge" and her two sons as "Rape" and "Murder". Literary critic John Sutherland observed that therefore, when Tamora eats the pie, Revenge has consumed Rape and Murder.
    • Caliban's name is (allowing for Elizabethan spelling) an anagram of Cannibal and he is a savage on a remote island. While he doesn't actually eat humans (indeed, he was the only corporeal being on the island before Prospero and Miranda arrived), he owes his name and characterization to Michel de Montaigne's essay "Of the Cannibals," which describes indigenous peoples of the New World — although Caliban is a villainous character, he has sympathetic moments, in keeping with Montaigne's point that eating people after they are dead is no worse than the kinds of torture and violence people in Europe regularly inflict on one another.
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  • Suddenly, Last Summer climaxes with its main character recounting her cousin's murder and cannibalization at the hands of a gang of young boys.

Theme Parks

  • Universal Studios' Halloween Horror Nights:
    • Like you'd expect from a Horror Trope, this has shown up too many times to list in their haunted houses and scarezones over the years.
    • In his backstory, The Caretaker and his family would cook and eat body parts from the deceased subjects of his medical experiments, both the ones he got from the graveyard and the Disposable Vagrants.
    • Lady Luck is an evil spirit whose backstory states will eat the remains of her victims.
    • The blood of the Terra Queen's Human Sacrifices would, among other things, be used to help make "Bloodberry Wine", which was served to her and her minions.


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