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  • The Flash Family seems to still be the most functional and least troubled members of the Hero community. Given the context it's rather sweet.
  • Episode 5 part 2 has a scene where a little girl says she wants to be just like Artemis when she's older. While it's played for laughs it's still relatively sweet.
    • Additionally Artemis (after just waking up and looking at a poster of Katniss) thinks very excitedly about how she'll be a role model for little girls one day. Again it's played for laughs but it's still sweet.
  • In episode 2: yes, it was mostly done as a joke for Superboy to be reminded of Superman's treatment of him, but J'onn and M'gann's conversation was nothing short of adorable.
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  • When the team realizes that Batman knew Cobra was on the island and he sent them anyway:
    Robin: Look, if it makes you feel any better, this is Batman we're talking about. He never takes a mission lightly, and I mean NEVER. Not on his birthday, not on Jesus's birthday. And certainly not on mine. So if he sent us here, it's because he knows we can cut it.
    Superboy: Uncle Batman does care.
    Aqualad: Then let us not disappoint him.
  • In episode 1, it was surprisingly considerate of Green Arrow (who was drunk, to boot) to ask Martian Manhunter how he was doing with his greencard.
  • Despite the main series showing Canary as a total Alpha Bitch, the Green Arrow solo short shows her relationship with Ollie is as healthy as ever.
  • "Clean this shit up, Dick. I gotta go save my babies."
  • Bruce telling Jason that Tim is the best partner he ever had (even if he immediately tells Tim he's an idiot after)
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  • Sportsmaster's acceptance and encouragement of Artemis becoming a teen hero, in spite of being a supervillain. The fact that this makes their familial relationship one of the most mature in this series is actually kind of sweet.
  • Episode #7 - Part 3: Roy and Kaldur's interaction.
    • And in part 2, when Roy admits Kaldur is the only person he trusts
  • She's still an alpha bitch, and she's actually not qualified in this continuity, but Canary still does her best to work the league through their personal issues. Getting Wally ice cream and telling Kaldor he needs a vacation seems to elevate her to Lovable Alpha Bitch.
  • Episode 8:
    • Roy gives Starfire a pep-talk about how she doesn't need to define herself by who she partners with, telling her that she can do better than working with Jason Todd.
    • Even after spending almost five minutes straight snarking at Jason and derailing his attempt at forming an Outlaw team, Roy still tells Jason that it's not too late to turn back, showing that it's not just Batman and co. who miss him.
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  • Batman is more of a Jerkass than ever, yet the first thing he does after the bomb goes off in Episode 8 is call out Jason's name and search the rubble for his body. The end of the episode shows him expressing concern for Dick's injuries, worrying about Tim's mental state, and expressing regret about Jason's fate. Underneath all those Jerkass tendencies, he really does care about his sons.
  • A small one, but Kid Flash uses Superboy's civilian name without a hint of humor or irony. Considering how girly everyone seemed to find it when he came up with Sasha, it's good to see they're not making a running gag out of something like that.
  • Jason sends Tim a last video will telling him that he deserved the Robin role and to never give up fighting.
  • When Impulse jumps back to the past and is captured and interrogated by the Team Beast Boy mocks him by accusing him of being gay. Upon hearing that Impulse is he immeadiatly apologizes and assures him he's completely okay with that.
  • In Episode 11, after all the stuff Orm did and went through in Throne Of Atlantis Abridged, Aquaman actually forgives him on the account of his actions during the raid on Atlantis proving that he's changed for the better. Remember, at this point in time he's in The Light. When treated normally by his very brother in spite of everyone else, he caves in and proceeds to tell Aquaman all that he knows about The Light and quits it while warning them about how Black Manta would be his replacement. This is why Batman thinks Aquaman is a better hero than the rest of the Justice League.
  • In Episode 12, Batman gets DCAU!Superman to talk sense into YJA!Superman.
    DCAU!Superman: Don't you see? We're already too powerful.
    Superman-16A: Well, yes, but—
    DCAU!Superman: NO! No "Buts". I've seen what too much power can do to you, and what happens when you use it. I was brainwashed once, and I marched to Earth with an army and declared myself a ruler. That day I learned what it was like to have people fear me. Don't you see that same fear when you talk about destroying other people's lives through your own ignorance?
    Superman-16A: (Stammers) I don't know.
    DCAU!Superman: Do want to know what's the worst experience I've ever had? That for one day, I was forced to be like you.
    Superman-16A: (Beat) Gosh. Well, what should I do, then?
    DCAU!Superman: Inspire them. Lead by example. And above all, give them hope. That's a job for Superman.

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