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It's DC! It would be a crime to not have awesome moments.

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  • Awesome Music:
  • Batman coming to the kids rescue from Clayface is one for the producers. Batman hitches a ride from his Batwing in Batman: Under the Red Hood animation to Batman Beyond's theme, then enters a warehouse in an awesome transition cut into Young Justice Animation, one-hit KO Clayface and delivers a one liner.
  • Superboy pulling a Borrowed Catch Phrase on Bane.
    And now...I break you.
  • "Can you feel the motherf*cking aster?"
  • They actually managed to make Batman's Dynamic Entry in the first ep even more awesome.
    Robin: Hey Freeze!
    Mr. Freeze: Mmm-hmm?
    Robin: Up above.
    Mr. Freeze: Uuuup above?
    Robin: Up above.
    Batman: (enters) Peek-a-boo. Fear me for I am the NIGHT!
  • Mental BROFIST!
  • Any of the trailers for the next episodes.
  • "Wow. I killed your little Robin, murdered hundreds, and you still don't have the BALLS."
  • The fact that an abridged fan series has managed to portray the first three Robins as active at the same time, beating out all other DC universes.
  • Red Hood is onto the Light's plans regarding Clone!Red Arrow. This is especially awesome since he is just ONE GUY! Clearly, the Light are right to be worried about him.
  • This series points out the ridiculousness of the mockery Aquaman gets by having Batman point out how he is basically the Justice League distilled into a single person. He's strong, he's a great fighter, he wields magic weapons and powers, he's a king, he has an army, and technology that is unknown to surface-dwellers. Aquaman's abilities are so overwhelming that Batman suggests to the League that they keep him far away so he doesn't make them look comparison.
  • The alternate Superman Batman brings to talk sense into his Superman: the Superman from the Bruce Timm animated series.
    Bruce Timm!Superman: Hey, Clark. Mind if I call you Clark?
    Abridged!Superman: Okay, sure, but what do I call you then?
    Bruce Timm!Superman: How about Kal?
    Abridged!Superman: Oh, yes, my other name that I never use.
    Bruce Timm!Superman: Oh, boy. Your Batman sure wasn't exaggerating about you.
    Abridged!Superman: What...uh...did he, uh, tell you...exactly?
    Bruce Timm!Superman: Well, the list he gave me mentions a few-
    Abridged!Superman: There's a list?!
    Bruce Timm!Superman: Oh, yes. And I must say, there is some very concerning stuff here. (Pulls out a list that says, "Stupid shit Clark has done (Or is planning to do)") I mean, flooding a poor neighborhood? Destroyed all the Taco Bells in Metropolis. Ethnically cleanse Europe?!
    Abridged!Superman: Well, to be fair, that one's my vice president's idea.
    Bruce Timm!Superman: And now, you're about to become the President of the United States of America.
    Abridged!Superman: I know! Isn't it great?
    Bruce Timm!Superman: No, it's not! Don't you see? We're already too powerful!
    Abridged!Superman: Well, yes, but-
    Bruce Timm!Superman: No! No buts! I've seen what too much power can do to you and what happens when you use it! I was brainwashed once and I marched to Earth with an army and declared myself their ruler. That day, I learned what it was like to have people fear me. Don't you see that same fear when you talk about destroying people's lives through your own ignorance?
    Abridged!Superman: I...uh...I don't know, I mean...
    Bruce Timm!Superman: You want to know what's the worst experience I've ever had? That for one day, I was forced to be like you.
    Abridged!Superman: Gosh! Well, what should I do then?
    Bruce Timm!Superman: Inspire them. Lead by example. And above all, give them hope. That's a job for Superman. (He disappears into a portal. Abridged!Superman looks out the window in thought.)
    • Batman gets another one for his subsequent talk with Alfred after he foiled the latter's plan for taking over the world.
  • For that matter, after the terrifying child enslavement Alfred puts a young Bruce through, we got an Offscreen Moment of Awesome in Court of Owls Abridged. Bruce brags that he ran away from home and trained extensively once he was legally old enough to leave Wayne Manor. When he returned, he took back the mansion from Alfred. Granted, he ultimately had to negotiate with Alfred and gave him some concessions like the West Wing of the mansion, and still doesn't want to make him angry, but the fact that he was able to put Alfred on the backfoot at all just reminds us how badass he is.
  • A rather understated example, but it's revealed that Sasha could actually affect a proper American accent the entire time, which undoubtedly would've endeared him much more to Superman, whose approval he desired. When asked why he didn't just use his American accent, Sasha responds bluntly that he wouldn't be himself, Superman's approval be damned.