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Heartwarming / Touhou Doujin: Dawitsu's Folly

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Holiday Edition

  • A scene in Holiday Edition doubles as this and a CMOA and involves two perverse Otaku seeming just about ready to ready to kidnap Sakuya and take her home. Dawitsu comes in and declares 'What are you doing staring at my wife like that?' and proceeds to take Sakuya away from the area, saving her from perverts without her having to knife the poor idiots.
  • The scene in Holiday Edition in which Dawitsu dresses up as Santa Claus to give his Christmas presents to Ran, Chen, Yutaka, Patchouli, Aya, Suika, Sakuya, Yutaka and Tomasu. And also, the fact that Tomasu missed Dawitsu's otaku-esque attitude so much that he bought the English Dub of the Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya for him.

Dawitsu's Recompense

  • The moment in Dawitsu's Recompense when both Dawitsu and Yutaka think back to the same event separately - when Dawitsu introduced Yutaka to his brother for the first time. His brother berates him and accuses him of keeping Yutaka (who he thinks is an underage girl) as a slave, and sends him away from his house. From Dawitsu's perspective, he simply left in shame, Yutaka joins after a short wait, and suddenly, his brother tells him not to leave, and says he's okay with it. Once you see Yutaka's perspective, you realize she stayed behind to explain the full situation to Dawitsu's brother, that she was homeless, Dawitsu took her in, and that he should be ashamed for treating his brother like crap. She says that Dawitsu trusted him to be understanding, and that he was wrong... and it was THAT that caused Tomasu Dawitsu to have a change of heart.
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  • The fact that Yutaka sleeps on the floor next to Dawitsu's bed when he's recovering from a near-fatal stab to the heart so she can be there when he wakes up.
  • When Reimu meets Jean for the very first time, he decides to take her home. After his previous statement about being lonely, and the young nature of Reimu, coupled with the downright creepy description of Jean the first time round, leads to the reader thinking Jean is going to rape Reimu. Once they get into his apartment, however, Jean inflates an air bed, and offers Reimu to sleep in his bed while he sleeps on the air bed. We misjudged you, Jean. We misjudged you. A reviewer even said as much, 'I thought he was a creepy rapist when he was first introduced. But, it looks like I was wrong.'

Jean's Magical Education

  • Dawitsu decides to write a will in case he dies, and decides to leave his entire mansion to Yutaka, and also leave the estate also in Ran's hands even if she leaves his service before he dies...
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  • At one point in Jean's Magical Education, Dawitsu goes over to the Scarlet Devil Mansion to teach Flandre after a long time not doing so, Flandre welcomes him with open arms, hugging him and squealing 'BOY-SENSEI!'.
  • Marisa comforting Jean after he finds out he's Myouren's reincarnation. She tells him 'It's gonna be alright, Jean... I know you're more than just some dumb copy of Byakuren's brother...'. When asked how she knows this by Jean, she replies with 'Because I'm your friend.', then stops, and says ', I didn't think I'd ever be so mushy...'. Jean further adds to the Squee! factor by replying with 'I... I like this... how you say... mushy... you a lot...'. Marisa says he shouldn't get used to it.
  • Yutaka offering Reimu to have a Slumber Party with her- Yutaka offers with 'Anyway, I have a hot date with a radiator, a blanket, and a cup of warm herbal tea... you know, you can join me too...', and Reimu replies with 'I... that would be nice.'. Before realizing she's a Tsundere again, and saying 'But just this once... don't think you're my friend, or anything...'.
  • The moment where Flandre and Remilia finish reading Of Mice & Men together... also serves as a Tear Jerker... although, the source material certainly helps for fulfilling the latter category...
  • Simultaneously a tear-jerker and a heartwarming moment- the scene in Magical Education where Alice repairs Medicine and treats her with some affection, making her happy for the first time in her life... which promptly ends her life as a Youkai (as she was born out of abandonment)

The Forbidden Love of Yukari Yakumo

  • Surprisingly, in the reviews for the Troll Fic 'the Forbidden Love of Yukari Yakumo', there's one regarding Yutaka. She takes offence at Tokage using 'flat-chested' as an insult, and takes comfort in something Dawitsu told her; 'Flat-chested girls can be held closer to the heart'
  • A strangely heartwarming instance occurs in Chapter three's reviews, when it's revealed that Sakuya indeed does have a bandage fetish, and that Dawitsu went along with it during their time as Friends with Benefits to make her happy in bed... it's nice that a man would be willing to do that for someone he only considers a friend, really...

The Misadventures of Yukari Yakumo

  • Another surprising heartwarming moment comes from the Lemony Narrator of 'the Misadventures of Yukari Yakumo', when in chapter thirteen, she talks about how it's okay to cry every now and then, and that bottling feelings up isn't good for you.

Yutaka's Big Fat Youkai Wedding

  • The moment in 'Yutaka's Big Fat Youkai Wedding' where Merlin lets Youmu stay with her and her sisters. Lyrica plays a welcoming tune on her keyboard, Merlin shows Youmu to her room, and tells her that despite the fact that she knows her 'sisters' aren't really her biological sisters, she loves them in exactly the same way.
  • Yukari showing her Hidden Heart of Gold in chapter 9 and comforting Reimu after telling her that she was adopted all along, and that her adoptive mother died, but genuinely loved her (rather than simply leaving her).
  • Seeing that Yuyuko genuinely does care for Youmu, and only wants her to be happy.
  • Dawitsu playing 'one, two, three, flying' with Medicine 'Merriment', making it seem that he could be a genuinely good father if he wanted to.
  • When Yuyuko brushes Youmu's hair, straightens her collar, and tightens her ribbon before wishing her good luck with her upcoming wedding performance. She then proceeds to call her her 'adopted daughter', just to cement how truly loving she is of Youmu.
  • Remilia sticking up for Patchouli and Yutaka in front of Yukari, of all people. And then, when she inevitably gets curb-stomped, everyone else sticks up for her.
  • Marisa out and out volunteering to help Reimu raise her to-be adopted child and telling her that she is not alone, cementing them as True Companions.
  • The author's note of the final chapter:
    'Author's Notes: This is it, guys. La finale. Zuíhóu de juésái. Kesshou. Finalem.
    The end.
    I will conclude this series. This is the final major book. But before I disappear from the Touhou fanfic circle, I wanna do a couple things, because I've left a speculative plot hanging. Firstly, I'm going to do an interactive interview fic, in which I'll allow you reviewers to ask any amount of questions to any amount of my Original Characters or butchered Canon Characters, with one chapter each dedicated to answer the questions of every reviewer.
    I will also write up a one-chapter epilogue which will take place when all the characters grow up, as the epilogue here goes on about.
    Then, I will leave the touhou fanfic circle, and hope I've left something of an imprint on this place.
    I just want to say, it's been an absolute honour writing for people like this. Even though my writing style is fluffy, WAFF, and many other plot-lacking things, I feel glad in knowing that I have made people happy in one way or another. That's my maxim of life... to make others happy.
    And not just a 'put on a façade to please others' sort, either. I'm talking about doing things that will warm the heart of others. I hope that I have done this for you guys... I sincerely do.
    I'll never forget this experience, and knowing me, I'll probably continue drawing artwork and program up the TH 13.5 I've been working on to go along with this fic series...
    I guess that I can now work on my original story, university, and maybe even finish off my 100 days fic from all those years ago...
    Goodbye, my friends. Goodbye. I can honestly say I've been touched by you all. Even anon, as he's managed to make me able to laugh at myself. I cannot thank all of you readers enough.
    See you. Bye. Adios. Au revoir. Arrivadercci...
    (bursts into tears)'

The Epilogue

  • Hebiko supporting Tokage all the way through her writing career now that she's successful...
  • Whenever Reimu makes a Freudian Slip implying that she truly sees Patricia as a daughter.
  • Reimu telling Marisa that she loves her when she thinks she's dead.

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