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Heartwarming / The Warriors

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  • Swan giving the dropped corsage to Mercy.
    • Before that, during the subway ride when the prom-goers get on and sit opposite Swan and Mercy. The awkward silence between the obviously rich kids and the disheveled gang - having just survived a major fight - is painful enough to where Mercy starts trying to adjust her hair in shame. Without a word, Swan reaches over to touch her arm, conveying that there is nothing wrong with her.
  • The ending scene of the surviving Warriors and Mercy walking the beach of Coney Island, hailed by the DJ, all to the tune of "In The City". Special highlights are Official Couple Swan and Mercy Holding Hands across the beach and the "YEAH!" Shot freeze frame that closes the movie.
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  • When Ajax and Cowboy flee from the Baseball Furies. Cowboy huffs that he can't carry on; instead of leaving him behind, Ajax immediately about-faces and charges their pursuers head-on. For all his considerable faults, Ajax cares about his fellow gang members.

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