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Heartwarming / The Waterboy

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  • Bobby reconciling with his mother after she realizes how wrong she was in raising him out of fear he will abandon her just like his father.
    • "I love Mama!". Those words brought tears to everyone.
    • Or before that, Mama stepping out into the packed stadium to see the fans cheering for her son; "Foosball's not for the devil... it's for my Bobby."
    • And when Bobby gets married at the end of the movie, Mama is happily accepting of Bobby leaving the nest.
  • "Thank you all so much for being my friends."
  • When the Mud Dogs during the bourbon bowl reminisce about all the funny things Bobby did when he was playing with them. Only for Bobby to show up during their time of need. Gee especially telling Bobby he's the heart and soul of the team.
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  • In Bobby's first game, one of the first things he does is he hits the quarterback as he is throwing the ball, causes a bad pass that Robideaux easily intercepts and and returns for a touchdown. When Bobby runs to the end zone to celebrate and high five his teammates, he gets ignored and is left standing alone. In his first play of the last game of the season, Bobby crushes the running back, causing a fumble and once again allowing Robideaux to score an easy touchdown. This time, the defense celebrates with Bobby squarely in the middle.
  • Bobby and Vicky's relationship. It becomes obvious that she isn't with him out of pity, is willing to kill people that threaten Bobby, and is willing to deal with Mama Boucher's overbearing behavior to be with him. Match made in heaven, indeed. It is only appropriate for the movie to end with them getting married.
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  • Bobby and Coach Klein's friendship. Coach Klein was probably the first person to truly encourage Bobby and tell him he was better than everybody thought he was. Bobby, in turn, helps Coach Klein get over being betrayed by Red Beaulieu decades ago.
  • Bobby revealing at the end that he doesn't want to go to the NFL... he wants to graduate. He didn't even start off wanting to get a degree, he only began taking classes so he could be on the team.
  • Bobby calling for a timeout simply so he could give the referee some water after he noticed him sweating. The ref even places his hand on Bobby's shoulder as if to say "Hey thanks, kid. You're alright."


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