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  • On the special edition DVD's actor interviews, James Remar relates a story of how he went down to Coney to see what gang life was like down there and to find a model for his character Ajax. He goes to a carney working one of the booths and asks him "So what kind of people hang around down here?" The carney smiles, spreads his arms, and declares proudly, "The worst kind!"
    • When auditioning for the part, he read the scene where Ajax is handcuffed to the park bench. He got so into the role that he lifted the end of a very heavy conference table. Walter Hill later said “I had to give him the job; he picked the fucking table up!”
  • In the game, there's a flashback mission showing how Ajax and Snow joined the gang, after Ajax and Snow find their vests(which were stolen from them earlier by the Destroyers) and are trying to sneak away from enemy territory, L.C.'s girlfriend(whom Ajax had sex with earlier) loudly yells out for Ajax to call her, alerting the destroyers to their presence.
    • This is even funnier if you're playing in Fury Mode, where the Warriors swap skins with the Baseball Furies. Due to the reskin being a simple switch, it means that not only does the two Destroyers become Furies until you take the vests back, so does the woman Ajax has sex with. Good luck getting the image of a Baseball Fury doing a sexy door pose out of your head.
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  • Luther's shrill reaction to being asked to pay for some merchandise. Axl Rose would be proud.
  • The run-in with the Orphans, a gang so pathetic they hadn't even heard about Cyrus' conference, and the best they can do against eight lost Warriors is charging at them with hand razors.
    Sully (brandishing a razor): You see what you get when you mess with the Orphans?"
    Warriors shrug, and throw a Molotov Cocktail at the Orphans' only car.
    • Gets even sadder in the game where the Warriors have some previous history with the Orphans after they claimed they beat the Warriors in a rumble. Cleon leads a war party into their turf, where we get to see that literally no one in their entire neighborhood respect or fears them, not even the civilians or the homeless, most of them just think the Orphans are annoying.
    • While looking for Sully, the Warriors head to a party the Orphans are hosting, only to run into two girls talking about how lame the party was and advicing them not to bother. They werent kidding; it's basically just the Orphans hanging around a shitty backyard.
  • The Warriors know they’re about to brawl with the Punks and begin filing into the men’s room so they can follow them. Mercy stops Swan before he can lead her inside.
    Mercy: “Wait! I can’t go in there, it’s a men’s room.”
    Vermin: “Are you kidding?” [grabs her arm and yanks her inside]
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  • The video game’s ending starts identically to that of the film, with Swan and Mercy holding hands and walking off into the sunrise with the other Warriors, while “In the City” plays as the screen fades to black with the credits rolling. The screen then shows the Riffs, roughly twenty to thirty of them, giving Luther and the two surviving Rogues the beatdown they earned, with “In the City” continuing to play over the carnage. Best of all is that it's playable.

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