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Tear Jerker / The Warriors

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  • When The Warriors return to Coney, while they are relieved to be home, they notice that it's not as glamorous as it looked at night during the opening scene. Swan is extremely disgusted by this.
    Swan: This is what we fought all night to get back to?
    • More so when their leader Cleon was presumed dead as well as Fox being killed by the train and Ajax getting arrested, 1/3 of their main gang gone, although Ajax was set loose in the comic sequel alongside two other Riff members.
  • Mercy's speech when she's talking with Swan, which reflects how her short-sighted lifestyle is a despairing response to her poverty and environment. Hell, the reason she and Swan ends up together, despite Swans earlier remark that he "doesnt like the way she lives", is probably because the two have a lot more in common than he thought. Like Mercy, Swan and his companions have no real future, no hope, nothing to look forward to. All they have is violence, drugs and sex.
    Mercy: I see the way things usually turn out around here. 5 kids, gut hanging down, cockroaches in the cupboard. I tell you what I want. I want something now.

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