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  • Everytime the kids pull together to pay for something one of them needs, sometimes donating down to their last dollar. It's heartwarming that even though they're broke and barely making enough to eat, Fiona absolutely wants to give each and every one of them as much as possible and she doesn't want anyone to feel neglected or miss out on something just because of money. Examples include:
    • Deb's party
    • Carl's school lunch
    • Excursions
    • The Squirrel fund
    • And not exactly a money one, but Carl's attempts to help, especially the time he tried to hunt a turkey for Thanksgiving.

     Season 1 
  • The reception after the fake wedding between Veronica and Kevin, a rare moment of complete warmth, togetherness, and community. Hell, even a drunken Frank is warmly received.
  • Ian and Lip's conversation in the van the day after they have a fight about Ian sleeping with Kash.
  • Sheila going into Mama Bear mode and truly standing up to Eddie once Karen comes home in a crying rage after he publicly humiliated her. She doesn't even realize she's left the house until Frank points it out.
  • For all her flaws, Karen can be very sweet towards Sheila.
    "Maybe today's the day, Mom."
  • Though the circumstances surrounding why he has to do it are dubious, the fact that Frank willingly lets Lip piss on him in order to earn his forgiveness is bizarrely heartwarming, considering he tries to weasel his way out of just about everything in his life.

     Season 2 
  • The times when Frank made Dottie laugh, even though she knew what kind of guy he was.
  • Kevin is taking classes so he can finally learn to read and write properly. He does this so he can write Veronica a love letter.
  • Another one for Kevin: he was willing to buy out the bar he worked at just to save it from being owned by someone else and being turned into something else entirely.
  • Also, Kevin giving Ian a drink when he notices that he is sad about Mickey.
  • Carl saying he'll look after Liam when they get sent to foster care and Ian and Lip cheering up and comforting Debbie.
  • In "Can I Have a Mother?", Frank tells Peggy about how all the kids are doing and is clearly proud of what they're doing, showing that even though he's an awful father, and even though he rarely shows it, he does actually notice their accomplishments and is proud of them.
    • When Ethel and Maleek are sitting on the bus holding hands.
    • Fiona quietly comforting Frank after he has an explosive outburst at Peggy over how horrible of a mother she was.
  • Sheila and Jody's devoted efforts to take care of Peggy in her last days, especially considering how horrible she was to them before.
  • Mickey throwing away his gun and getting himself sent back to juvie, if one interprets it as him acting on the recognition of how Ian would be better off without a relationship with a volatile criminal.
    • Even if it is interpreted for what it is more likely to have been Mickey deciding not to kill Frank either not to deprive Ian of a father, no matter how shitty, or risk going to jail for good. He decided to just go to prison for a little bit until it all blows over instead it's still heartwarming
  • After Fiona hands her birth control, reminding her there's no room for any more Gallagher babies, Monica thanks Fiona for all she's done to take care of the kids.
  • Lip's final message to his child, even though it's later revealed to not be his. Jeremy Allen White's performance was strong.
  • Sheila and Jody taking care of Karen's baby after the originally chosen adoptive parents back out of the deal due to the baby's Down's Syndrome. Jody even makes a harness for himself so he can simulate breast feeding the baby.
  • Fiona embracing Lip after he returns home in the Season 2 finale.

     Season 3 
  • Mickey telling Ian he missed him in juvie, especially after he threatened Ian for telling him the same thing the first time we saw him locked up.
  • The boy at the cancer camp telling Carl he's the best friend he's ever had after he grants his last wish of seeing a real pair of tits.
  • Kev's speech to Veronica in "May I Trim Your Hedges", telling her that he wants to get to know Cheryl's son, who may or may not be (and isn't) his kid, but it doesn't change the fact that after all they've been through, he would never leave her. So moving that it makes both Veronica and Fiona burst into tears.
  • Debbie's little speech to Sheila: "I've seen crazy, and I've seen bad for kids. And you're not either of those things. You're nice."
  • Carl sneaking off to the hospital at night so he can shave Frank's head, to "help the sun rays in" to heal him. It's an incredibly sweet and quiet moment, especially coming from Carl.

     Season 4 
  • The way Lip steps up to the plate after Fiona goes off the deep end. He's already dealing with a stressful workload at college and a thankless part-time job, but his dedication to his family is clear.
  • Sheila's concern for the family of Native American orphans and genuinely wanting to adopt them. Although she doesn't succeed, the kids all hugging her and thanking her before they're sent off to live with their grandfather is really sweet.
  • When faced with the possibility of his death, Frank demands to be taken to the Alibi Room, but is far too weak to make it there. Instead, Sammi surprises him by transforming Sheila's kitchen into a mini Alibi Room, complete with Kev, Tommy, and Kermit as staff and patrons.
  • "Emily"
    • Frank, delirious after his surgery, believes the titular little girl to be a younger Fiona, and expresses genuine remorse for what a horrible father he's been. Emily actually overlooks the fact he's delirious and plays the part of Fiona. Becomes a tearjerker when Emily dies at the end and Frank is devastated and heartbroken.
    • When Bonnie, Carl's new girlfriend, is staying at the Gallagher's house, she and Carl are cuddling in his bed. When Carl takes off his shirt, she says "I don't like sex", and Carl simply puts his shirt back on and they resume cuddling.
    • Mickey, on several occasions. But probably the line: "Ian, what you and I have makes me free." Topped off by him literally risking his life coming out to everybody rather than losing Ian. Finally, the last scene where Ian and Mickey, bloody and bruised, laugh together.
    • Mickey's epic Coming-Out Story at The Alibi that escalates into a Bar Brawl. Very rarely is a bar fight heartwarming. Doubled down later when the cops arrest Terry for breaking parole, but the cop lets Mickey go, remarking that it'd be a lot of paperwork if he took Mickey in, and he'd rather get home to his own husband, Carlos.
    • The child services agent noting that most people are trying to dump their kids, and the Gallagher family has taken in more to keep them from freezing. Then she tells Lip exactly when her next "surprise visit" is going to be.
  • "I'm worried about you, I love you."

     Season 5 
  • Ian assuring Monica that his siblings telling him that he and Monica are similar was probably meant as a compliment, even though he knows they don't.
    Monica: Fiona know I'm here?
    Ian: No... no, they don't know we still talk.
    Monica: Oh.
    Ian: Which is funny, 'cause they all say how alike we are.
    Monica: That's probably not a compliment.
    Ian: No, I think it is.
  • After failing to acknowledge Ian's slow descent into mental instability until it was too late, Mickey seems determined to make up for it. He attends Ian's appointments with him, makes sure Ian has all his medications and vitamins, and even appears to stick to his "whenever you want" blowjob agreement, even when it's unsuccessful. The way he tries to advise Ian to avoid caffeine and alcohol, and to eat after taking his meds, definitely shows that he's read up on the side effects. His mother-henning eventually gets on Ian's nerves, but the fact that he's so concerned about Ian's well-being is a heartwarming change from a few seasons earlier.
    • The inevitable blowout and shared beer is also a weird (Gallagher) type of blood-covered heartwarming.
  • As misguided as it is, Carl trying to give Ian shock therapy to help his bipolar.
  • Debbie telling Lip she doesn't want him to end up like Frank.
  • Frank's relationship with Bianca. When she has a breakdown while trying to treat his bullet wound and reveals that she has terminal cancer, Frank shows genuine sympathy for her and decides to help her live out her last days the way she wants to.

     Season 6 
  • "Refugees": While Veronica is initially reluctant to take in a group of refugee children, she steps up to the plate well. The stand out moment would have to be when she discovers one of the kids is a girl who's been disguising herself as a boy and Veronica immediately takes out a box of Debbie's old clothes and lets the girl dress herself up however she wants, as well as helping her cover up a bullet scar with make-up.
  • Frank, albeit reluctantly, driving Debbie back home as she is giving birth and putting his own life at risk in the process.
  • The entire father-son relationship that develops between Carl and Sergeant Winslow throughout Seasons 6 and 7.

     Season 7 
  • After Carl's uncharacteristically insecure rant about feeling like a freak, Lip and Ian drugging Carl so he won't get an erection.
  • Kev, seeing how much of disarray that the laundromat that Fiona bought is in, decides to help by bringing in everyone in the Alibi to help fix the place up - with the promise of a week of free drinks.
  • Frank walking Liam to his kindergarten and eventually getting him into a nice private school for free, with Liam giving Frank a hug and telling him that he's a good parent. Though Frank is a horrible parent, it shows that he really does have some paternal instincts.
  • Ian speech about how Lip was able to find his missing GI Joe action figure when he is testifying on Lip's behalf as a character witness before the school board.
    Ian: Lip... somehow got ahold of a map of the L, he got on the phone, he started making calls, and he found out where the train would be and when. Like, where it would be parked for the night. My parents wouldn't give him cash to take the train, so he took off on foot. He walked eighty city blocks down to Midway, talked the conductor guy into searching the trains... found my toy, walked eighty blocks back. He did all that by himself, he figured that all out at seven years old. I didn't even know what a map was. Lip is not supposed to be stuck in the ghetto.
  • The entire season 7 finale is heartwarming in a bittersweet way. On the one hand, Monica's death has hurt the whole family no matter what her relationship with them was. Despite that, this whole episode shows the whole family trying to move on:
    • Fiona buys an apartment to fix up, showing that she is more willing to take risks and try her hand at owning a business.
    • Lip goes back to rehab and seems to want to change, as well as making a friend who helps support him through it.
    • Ian decides to move on from Mickey and focus on his job and family.
    • Debbie takes a career as a welder and is in a happy relationship with Neil.
    • Carl is a much more mature and dependable member of the family.
    • And finally Frank, who, despite being devastated, shows a willingness to admit that Monica wasn't perfect, yet still shows absolute faith that she loved the family. And if the ending is anything to go by, he seems to have been welcomed back into the family.

     Season 8 
  • When an angry meth dealer pulls a gun on the Gallagher clan, the older children are visibly seen standing protectively in front of the younger ones.

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